changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

some random photos and tidbits: the little gym and how babies are made.

as mentioned, we were at the little gym last night working off another of our many absences. oliver was totally independent last night and didn't really give a hoot where we were. the last couple of classes, he has sat on his own during circle time, instead of on my lap. at the end of class last night, he even sat way over on the other side of his mat.

after class began, i went out to the lobby to get the camera and ran into oliver's classmate laura, previously known as oliver's biting victim. she was there with her mother and was totally stoked when she saw me and realized that meant oliver was there. they played together all during the class. at one point, during the hamster wheel activity, oliver turned into that kid who cuts all the time. i was mildly distracted talking with laura's mom and i think brian was just distracted and we would get there too late each time to get him out of line. the one time we did catch him, he produced a pretty dramatic tantrum that included real crying on the floor. and then he was over it and following laura all the way across the room, trying to roll over her with one of those "hot dog" hexagonal mats.

the music was awful. i noticed dave matthews playing followed by something worse i don't recall. we've been spoiled by mr barry on the weekends with 80s classics like safety dance.


okay. for a second, i was thinking they played prince once, but i'm pretty sure i'm confusing that with a scene in that pixar penguin movie with robin williams. however, that reminds me of how we were at target a week or two ago during this gigantic rainstorm, the weekend when our still unrepaired door leaked a couple of more buckets, and we were headed toward the umbrella section and they had this gigantic sticker on the floor by the checkout lanes promoting a prince album. and oliver ran over there and stood on it and started saying, rather loudly, "a monkey! a monkey!" and i laughed before remembering that is considered a racial slur, or what have you. which sucked the fun right out of the innocence of it. and kept me from pulling out my camera to make a miniature film of it.

we're still trying to recreate that magical moment when oliver peed in the potty a couple of weeks ago. he does like to sometimes hang out on the potty and read books. here he is reading the 1993 classic how was i born? i purchased it a couple of months ago at the half price books. i was looking for something that would clue oliver in that a baby was a-coming. this book was so weirdly random, i had to purchase it for myself.


my mom is called sally. she's happy and sometimes wears glasses. she's a nurse. daddy is called pete. he wears a suit when he's working, but not when he's at home. then he wears a sweater. his sweater smells nice. but not his suit - suits smell like banks.

well, i think you can see where this story is going wink wink.
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