changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

32 weeks. that's 8 months. holy crap.

back from my 32 week appointment with dr bernstein, who was filling in for dr culpepper. i forgot to document my weight last time at 156 or 157? i think?

today: i thought the nurse said 158, but i also think dr B said 159. either way... it think i'm still ahead of the game from where i was with oliver at this point.

vitals are still a go.

still no answers on the whole give-me-my-baby thing post birth at the hospital, but arrows seem to be pointing to the pediatrician as the go to girl. which makes me happier than having to discuss it with the head nursery nurse, who i am certain would not like to be made to feel someone finds their procedures undesirable.

i got another order of maternity wear in from old navy yesterday. the last batch was largely ill-fitting and anger-inducing. i went ahead and wore the awful brown capris, even though the waistband is snug enough to make a muffin top, which i would think would be a goal of maternity wear to avoid. in contrast, the tops, in size small, were all like tents.

this time, one XS top was acceptable. one XS tank, which you would expect to be form-fitting, was a little saggy under my boobs, but whatever at this point. another XS shirt was a tent and needs to go away.

the two pairs of pants, in size L, are like bloomers, or harem pants from the 80s, and cause me grief.

i'm just going to start going naked. it's practically summertime here anyway.
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