changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's making my back hurt just thinking about it.

i received an email from with a link labeled "Watch an epidural needle being inserted".

i have a feeling i'm about to click on something i shouldn't.

speaking of backs, i made the mistake of busting it up around the condo for about an hour last night. i cleaned up the dinner dishes, cleaned up miscellaneous dishes, got oliver's room ready for bedtime, changed our bed linens, unpacked what was left of our bags from last weekend, fed the cats, and whatever else made up the rest of the hour. well before i was finished, i was barely hobbling along and grabbing at my back and moaning like i was 102 years old. so much for being in better shape for this third trimester.

i moved back into my bed yet again, now that i'm finally over the latest cold. i slept like a pile of shit. constant, vivid dreams and tossing and turning. got my first charley horse of the season. and i think i might be getting the night sweats after all. oh lord. the night sweats!

we went to that pre-admission meeting yesterday at the hospital and i signed off saying i wouldn't sue if they killed me or transfused my blood and i promised to leave my weaponry and explosives at home. i tried asking all my baby-in-the-nursery questions and learned she basically only had to do with the front-end portion of the event. like, pre-delivery. she also didn't have access to how much we paid for the last birth and walked us down the hall to this four-foot woman in billing who also didn't have access. which seemed kind of odd. "convenient" was how brian described it. they had a xmas tree with easter decorations in the waiting area and it mixed up my holiday feelings and made me uneasy.

i saw one of those boxes sitting on the shelf in the first office like the one marianne had gotten when she took her infant cpr class. i snagged us one for $30. even if we never use infant cpr, the money will have been well-spent because you get this fancy baby "manikin" (their word!), which could be used for a halloween costume sometime. brian's always looking for dolls for halloween costumes.
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