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easter 2009.

thursday night, i picked out the dozen least brown of the brown eggs for dying. i immediately remembered just how violent the dying powers of food coloring are when i saw the tiniest splatters of red on the counter top refusing to be wiped up. and the smear of red, which mysteriously appeared on my hand, refused to be washed off. this sent me into a little bit of a panic and i started envisioning permanent easter egg splatters on the bamboo veneer floors. i put down some diapers and decided oliver would be perfectly satisfied with just coloring on the eggs and setting them on the spoons i would hold. and he was. despite the brown-ness of the eggs, they came out kind of awesome looking.


friday evening, we met oliver's new best friend, ricky, at cosmic cafe for dinner. brian and ricky were going to the morrissey concert. oh yes, and so was ricky's mom. the poor thing lives kind of out in the middle of nowhere-DFW and was itching to get out. to preserve her comfort, they upgraded to VIP seating at the palladium, which meant they got a couch and two lazy boys. it totally cracks me up to think of them up in the balcony watching morrissey from lazy boys.

anyhow. at dinner, oliver was mostly well-behaved, tottering on the brink of not well-behaved. one of the employees scooped him up at one point and took him to the door of the kitchen. we thought we might be having deep-fried toddler chews for dessert, but she eventually returned him in one piece. maybe because it's a vegetarian establishment. oliver had no shortage of high fives for the bas relief buddha on the way back to the car. ricky asked him if it was jesus or buddha and oliver answered "buddha". not sure how he knew.

brian called at 11:30pm and i woke from deep slumber on the couch and raced through three rooms to get to the cell phone and answer it. then brian got all pissed because he asked if i was awake and i said "well, i'm awake now." and he took great offense and let me go and then, 30 minutes later, blew in the door and past me and to the bathroom and then back past me and into the bedroom and refused to talk to me. because i was awake now. i continued to be awake until 2am, in part because my heart was still racing from the internal adrenaline shot.

i was up at 6am to get us packed for tyler. we actually managed to be on central expwy, coffee already in hand, by 8:30am. brian was still not particularly talking to me. because i was awake now.

we stopped by my parents for a diaper change and oliver snack before heading back out to the mall for bunny photos. this time, unlike at xmas, they had the line wrapped around the other way so oliver could see what he was in for. i kept asking him if he wanted to go say hi to the easter bunny and he kept replying with a tiny "yes". and we finally got up there and oliver high fived the bunny and we put him on his lap and he didn't cry, but he also didn't look particularly pleased and the girls behind the digital camera did not want to understand that no amount of coaxing was going to be awarded with a grin and they just needed to be content he wasn't crying and let's go ahead and get him on down. there was one time when the rabbit tickled him and he almost smiled, but the tickling wasn't long enough. so, we got a smirk that's being passed off as a smile. he was also doing this karate kid gang sign while he was sitting there, but i'm not entirely sure why.


we took his complimentary bunny ears and he and i split the greasiest soft pretzel ever made by an old woman while brian ate two pieces of cheese pizza he claimed sucked. i'm not sure i believe him because i refuse to accept there is any such thing as a bad tasting pizza.

i know in this photo he looks like he has a double case of anger and pink eye, but i swear he had neither. at that particular moment, at least.

we had to stop outside the JC Penney on the way to the car because i had forgotten they had set up all these coin-operated ride-on contraptions and oliver could not resist them. there was a throw down getting him pried out of the that little fire engine. he did not give a hoot that we were going to the zoo to see elephants and giraffes. not a hoot. he wanted to sit on a tiny ledge inside a tiny fire engine and that was all.

you know an engineer engaged in poor planning when he/she designed an exit small enough to wedge in oliver's behind.

this one really cracks me up. it was some kind of smurfs meets snow white meets outer space mushroom.

my parents met us at the zoo and, even though the tyler zoo is rather concise and efficient in its layout, i still got me the edema for the first time this pregnancy. i also got this weird stitch in my side by the time we had made it to the serengeti and thought i might have to deliver in the rhino house. most of the zoo is pretty awesome in its natural habitatness, but there are some "exhibits" which thoroughly break my heart and make me hate zoos all over again. like that white tiger in the natural, but too small enclosure where he paces back and forth and looks at me in the eye and i try to tell him i'm sorry with my eyes.

i kept myself from purchasing a lime sno-cone because i'm sure all that green business is nothing but pure evil, both in its chemical makeup and it's ability to spill on me. the parakeets in the bird house were decidedly more calm than our last trip when oliver was 4 mos old. one of the bird ladies shamed brian for holding open the last of the three sets of doors as if he was just standing there getting some fresh air when he was really only opening it long enough to walk through it. he's pretty slender and quick enough, so i'm not sure why she was bellyaching. maybe we were supposed to open and shut it in between each member of our party.

we did our best to keep oliver from braining any of the birds with those seed-covered tongue depressors.

he was pretty stoked feeding some kind of nasty kibble to the ducks and swans and world's largest koi. and then he was pretty tired by the time we made the mistake of going to the souvenir shop. he spread out on the very crowded floor at one point and that was the same point that i hauled him on out of there. he fell asleep in the car and we took the long, depressing route home.

it's kooky being able to look out and see lions and wildebeests and zebras and gnus and ostriches in the same blink.

many bovine moons... oliver tended to be more interested in things like the collar on grandpa's shirt.


the largest koi i have ever seen. enjoy my son's asymmetrical haircut. cutting his hair is like, like trying to trim the hair of a spring hog caught in a bee patch.

giraffes. oliver tended to be more interested in things like grandpa's ear.

dinner from liang's. too much. even with giving oliver five pieces of tofu.

i experienced the restless sleep on the loveseat that night and got up with dad and oliver around 7am. oliver had actually been sitting on the end of the fold out couch in the office, just dangling his feet for who knows how long.

the ugliest rain clouds on the planet made the sky turn back to night and made me decide to skip the easter church, especially since my plans had consisted of 10 minutes of church and 30 minutes on the playground. i finally convinced brian to get up and shower and my sister's family and grandparents began filtering in around noon.

we stuffed our faces at one and oliver quietly spooned macaroni and chreese into his face before eating 14 strawberries for dessert. he did really well with the egg hunt, but was kind of losing his energy by the time he got to the piano room, where brian and i had hidden our small stash. not all of the pieces from his jungle animal 34-piece puzzle would fit into the german easter egg, so i put the egg behind the chair in the corner and made a trail with the overflow pieces and he seemed pretty pleased with this. he also found two or three of my niece and nephew's stash, as well as the traditional easter egg in grandmother's hair. i had to help a little with the old egg-under-the-pregnant-lady's-shirt. not bad for a beginner.

blur blur blur. hopefully, the 35mm versions will be better.

we left a little late because my sister had brought over her state of the art vhs to dvd recorder so i could preserve embarrassment created during my senior year of high school. unfortunately, it doesn't want to play on my computer, so i can't share that embarrassment with the internet at large.

we arrived in dallas to find an easter surprise on our front stoop. joann had left a card (signed "jo and ro"), an oak leaf pom-pom (groups of leaves she's seen oliver playing with in the courtyard... i'm impressed she remembered this), and this egg thing you leave in water for days and this crazy, mermaid bunny pops out of it. i tried to use this as an opportunity to expose oliver to babies coming out of eggs. hopefully, it won't backfire. i'll find out oliver's been busy telling all his classmates how a gelatinous rabbit is going to break out of his mommy's belly.


it took me awhile to find the bunny's other arm behind his back. he's doing some kind of venice beach glamour push up.

*i give up. i don't know why livejournal will randomly disallow text from returning to the left from center.
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