changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

doctor's excuse from gym.

i think i almost died at the gym last night. i scored one of the easy elliptical machines, but just kept feeling winded and like my underbelly was contracting. and like i was a little sicky. i stuck it out for the 20 minutes and then looked around for a chaise to lounge on. not finding that, i began resting on the weights instead and tried to finish my work out. i almost gave up, but finished. mostly.

after getting home and eating dinner, i took a shower. somewhere around hair drying time, i realized i still didn't feel well and was a little weak. i hit the couch and noticed my heart was still beating too fast. it took it awhile to finally reach resting rate. like, an hour or two.

i am now scared to return to the gym.

speaking of my heart, six weeks after wearing that monitor, i finally put in a call to the cardiologist... since they had never bothered to call me. almost a week later, i called again and left another message. since they had never bothered to call me. i finally got a call back and she claimed they had left me a message. where they left it, i have no idea. she said my heart was normal except for a couple of episodes of tachycardia. of course, i have no idea if this is still normal if you factor in all the mess that was happening before i got the monitor. she didn't mention any of that or if it was just hormone related. thanks for the experience. glad my insurance covered it.

today, i have my 30 week appointment. immediately before it, i have to figure out how to navigate my way to the labor and delivery department. it's completely top secret because they built one of the towers as an afterthought, so you have to take the elevator in bldg d to the magical 7th floor and then you exit into bldg a and take a couple of turns until you find some more elevators (i think) and go to another floor (maybe) and then you turn a few more times and look for a sign. oh shit. what did i do with those directions? i suppose i should really pay attention on getting there, so if i actually go into unplanned labor this time, i can find my way back. considering brian couldn't even find the right parking lot last time (the one we always go to), i can only imagine where he'd lead us once inside if the pressure was on. i might find myself in the queue at a nearby wendy's.

anyway, i'm a little nervous about this appointment, but i'm hoping it's for nothing. they go over business like insurance, i guess. and then i'll be asking them for a run down of what goes on when they steal my baby shortly after delivery and hold her hostage for five hours. i'll be doing my best to eliminate all, or at least 99%, of the reasons they have for even taking her back there. and i'm expecting them to be highly critical of my critique. should be fun.

last week, oliver began drawing people. i'm guessing they've been doing this at school. he would say something like "circle for the head, two circles for eyes, circle for body".
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