changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

glass bottles and stock boys.

i was pregnant with oliver just before this whole BPA in plastics business came out. i carefully chose the dr. brown's bottles. back when they had BPA. fortunately, he barely drank from them. i remember people in forums looking high and low for glass bottles. it's funny because now, it's looking like all the big companies have a glass version now. and BPA-free versions. munchkin, evenflo, dr. brown's, avent, medela. i'll never be able to unload that unused three pack of plastic bottles now.

yesterday, oliver took it upon himself to restock the fridge with soymilk from the pantry. i hadn't even thought to replace the carton i had emptied that morning. he also restocked an empty egg carton with plastic eggs and placed them in the refrigerator on top of the other egg cartons. maybe he'll grow up to be a stock boy. or someone who opens the refrigerator door way too often and stands there wasting electricity.

he's back at school today. finally. seems like it's been ages. i don't know why that school gripes so much about how they suffer financially to bring us reasonable tuition rates when they've got that place shut down 33 percent of the year. not so reasonable when you end up having to fork over another two grand to somewhere else to watch him while they're closed for summer break. i would be living the life of a pimp if i happened to be childfree right now.

i noticed some mild edema over the weekend. i noticed some less-than-mild edema last night. brian was calling my feet potatoes. the strappy sandals had forced the fluid to the middle of my foot. very attractive. at least i didn't cry about it like i did that one day the last time i was pregnant. they looked like old lady feet when they get the cankles.
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