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easter: episcopalian style.

oliver had his school easter egg hunt at 9am this morning. i scrambled around getting ready so i could go. he always totally clams up when i show up at school. he wanted to hold my hand the entire time.

we stumbled out to the playground, where the eggs were "hidden" and the other toddler class went in first, while we were busy circumventing a muddy patch. and then, oliver doesn't go totally nuts tearing around looking for eggs, so we were really far behind. he was also being very nice and only picking up one egg even when there were several in a group. as a result of these factors, he didn't end up with an obscene amount of eggs. his will be replaced by the eggs i brought for him, which contain stickers, but i got the feeling they weren't going to do the old switcheroo across the board so that all kids went home with the same amount of eggs. besides, some of the kids were opening up their eggs (they're supposed to wait until they're home), so who knows... we might not make it home with all our eggs.

i wish i hadn't been so slow on the uptake this year with the traditions i finally came up with because this is the year he'll really know what's going on. for next year, i'm going to order a bunch of those painted wooden pysanka eggs and also a couple of sets of unpainted wooden nesting eggs.

while we were still out on the playground post-egg-hunt, we had another one of those sad incidents where oliver just isn't fast enough. he had spotted an empty swing, pretty much his most favorite thing in the universe, and he tugged my hand to get us running to it. and then, this little blonde girl came out of nowhere and sped past at the last second and grabbed it. and he stood there looking sad. and i stood there not knowing the proper etiquette yet again. i mean what... do i push the kid out of the way and stick him on the swing?

okay. so it's later now and we made it home with two of the original eggs. susana stole some of the other eggs, i guess, and there was also this mystery pack of skittles up in there. those are going to brian's workplace tomorrow. he also glued dyed eggshells to a piece of paper in the shape of a duck and cottonballs in the shape of a rabbit's head. and they shook heavy cream in little jars until it turned into butter and then oliver ate unbuttered crackers. and then he took a nap and crapped the bejeezus out of his pants and socks. susana claimed she used 30 wipes and just threw his sheet away. she said he was pretty happy about it. i guess i would be happy to get that much shit out of me, too.

oliver played the piano/synthesizer tonight. he was doing his little slinky dance and spinning in circles and playing the keyboard behind his back (says brian). and, of course, he pretty much stopped doing all of it the second i managed to get the camera out.

last night, i took oliver to the Y. as soon as we got close enough to the front door for him to see they were playing on the outdoor playground, he disengaged from my hand and took off running and plowed past christy (from st james and the little gym), who was coming through one of the double doors. while i was trying to chat with her for a second, i realized i couldn't see him at all because he had opened the door to kidcare on his own and had run across the room to try and open the outside door. he was a total maniac. he ran over to one of the workers and threw himself up against her.

i totally sludged through the workout, feeling like i was wearing a suit of barbells. there were some total weight-lifting douchebags talking about weights for 10 or 15 minutes, but one of them was sitting on the hip abducter machine like they were out for coffee. until this older lady told them to get the hell out of there so she could tone her thighs.

oliver was sitting motionless on a big kid swing when i went to get him. this is impressive because he usually just lets go and falls off of them. when i asked if he was ready to go, he shook his head no. i'm just pleased he didn't throw an all out tantrum like last time.

the end.

and photos.

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