changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

bullet points.

- my swollen glands continue to kill me every night and morning. at least two weeks now?

- my hairs were cut last night. indian food was consumed posthairhumously.

- oliver breakfasted sans diaper this morning. the inevitable peeing into the coffee table occurred. there was a lump of scrambled christian egg somehow in the middle of the puddle. perhaps he tried to clean it with egg. we congratulated him on not peeing in his diaper. this is fancier than some might think.

- i had my glucose screening yesterday. for the first third of the orange syrup drink, i thought they had perhaps improved upon the formula in the last three years. then i drank the last two thirds and realized they had not. the scale registered one more pound since last week. 154. violet turned somersaults from being so jazzed up on the glucose. she stuck her foot out of my upper belly for dr C to feel.

- i decided to remove my needle stick band aid this morning instead of waiting for my shower tonight. i was trying to hide my dirty little secret that i shower every other day. the band aid removed a small piece of my skin. it took me a second to realize this after touching the spot a couple of times and feeling the pointed flames of fire. that seems a little insane to me, the band aid removing my skin. i had to put on another, smaller, weaker band aid to quench the flames.

- the linea negra is beginning to appear. i think it might be crooked.

- the exterior cement-and-rock steps have been replaced all around the condos with uglier, cement-without-rock steps. yet another in the list of expenditures i do not understand, like painting the parking lot and replacing perfectly good carpet and wallpaper in the foyers. thank you, hoa, for spending my money recklessly. don't worry yourself too much with the roof shingles which have been missing for over a year now. or the bitch at the property management office who let brian know she will be doing him a tremendous favor by calling him back to let him know a work order has been completed (see below).

- i continue to wait and see if the hoa will be spending my money to fix yet another flood issue emanating from the top of our sliding glass door. the 15 minute thunderstorm monday night dumped half a bucket through there. maybe they'll send out that little, old man again with his pail of tar.
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