changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

pretty morning.

it's a gorgeous morning out there today.

i woke up early, maybe 6am, because oliver cried out in his sleep. i wonder if he heard the cats fighting in my dream. i watched some bad tv until brian got up a little after 7. while he was showering, i was in the back living room checking into work. i watched oliver wander out into the front living room carrying a clean diaper in one hand and making little, indecipherable noises like a bird, until he turned and saw me in the other room.

we've survived pleasantly and without television until 9am, so far. a pear has been eaten, along with some cereal and hempmilk, and now we're working and playing with play-doh.

we left the windows open last night and it's mildly chilly in here with the promise of warming nicely. i think a trip to the park is in order for lunchtime. it almost frightens me how much of a role the weather plays in my energy levels.

as brian was getting ready to head out the door to work, oliver started asking to have his jacket put on. brian didn't initially get that he was trying to get ready to go with him, until i asked him to please not put the jacket on. brian left and oliver stood staring out the glass door after him. he had his deflating yellow balloon dangling from the ribbon in one hand. i'll post the picture of it later.


brian is working mornings only on thurday and friday. i'll take oliver to a make up class at the little gym thursday and then it's two days of father-son frivolity.
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