changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

c is for cookie. and how pregnant ladies especially do not need them.

after picking up oliver from school yesterday, i drove to paul's porch in the pouring rain and it gave me approximately 100 small cookies from a test batch he had made for presentation to whole foods.

in an odd twist of cell phone directory fate, i managed to call an entirely different and unrecognizable paul on my cell phone to go on and on about the gigantic bag stuffed with cookies on his porch and this new, inexplicable paul told me he had no idea what i was talking about and he was not paul w, but paul o, and i couldn't figure this out and so he told me he hoped i enjoyed my cookies.

so far, a day later, i have eaten approximately 200 of them.

i had been wondering what to do with such an obscene amount of cookies, seeing as how i'm the only one here who eats them, and decided it would be prudent and brilliant to give half to joann, especially since she still mentions how she loved the few "snuckerdoodles" robert let her eat from the container i gave her for xmas.

hold on. need to get more cookies.

i'm back.

so, then i was all "yes yes, i'll give a bunch to joann, what a brilliant idea." and then i went in there to get cookies this afternoon and the hording instinct started kicking in.

i really do not need 100 cookies, even if they are small cookies. it's the small cookie part that gets you. they don't count if they are not full-sized cookies. they're just a bite. and a bite does not hurt you. as long as you are not the one being bitten.
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