changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cleaning out my email

*list of victims from plane crashes on 9/11 to be suppressed from dialing

*memo from landlord regarding anthrax scare on site
(Please be advised that an employee of the 5th floor of Copeland Tower was in the ladies room and as she unrolled the toilet tissue a white powdery substance emanated from the roll showering her with the residue. ooo...what could it have been?)

emails regarding the presidential election telemarketing survey we did in florida that started up the whole dangling chad business.

links to the websites of a couple of kooks who claims our company (Telequest) was an invention of the DNC:

my relentless emails to friends and family members extolling the virtues of piddle pants for kitties. (i believe some also refer to these and similar products as "bitch britches"):

*do not call request from when a rep called pamela anderson

*email stating that someone changed one of my logins to username=brainey,password=smurf

*memo from one of the parade of assholes complaining about the IT team's complacent attitude before we even actually became complacent.

*the article about how one of our rep's helped in an emergency:
Carter was the first person Shirley Weddle spoke with nearly 14 hours after her husband collapsed and broke his neck trying to help her in their bathroom.
The response was a little surprising for the 24-year-old Mesa woman used to being cursed in English and Spanish, lambasted for harassment or accused of carrying on an affair by jealous wives or girlfriends.
"We save a lot of people, but not with telemarketers," Oak Park City Lt. Steve Atkinson said Thursday.
Weddle crawled out from under her husband's body Monday night, but could not find her cordless phone. The 75-year-old woman suffered a stroke five years ago and is confined to a wheelchair.
"She told me that she was very tired, that she had been yelling all night," Carter said. Richard Weddle died on top of his wife, Atkinson said. Shirley Weddle suffered scrapes on her arms from crawling on the floor, but was taken to a hospital where she was in good condition Thursday.

*a couple of goodbye emails similar to this one:
To my friends:
As of today at 5 pm I am no longer an employee for this train wreck of a company. To those that I had a good relationship with I just want to wish you all good luck in your next conquest. I cannot say that I wish this company good luck for all that it has done was screw many of my hard working friends, and replaced them with lazy incompetent people to say the least.
To the higher management: All I have to say to these people is I wish you the worst of luck, what goes around always comes back around.

ooo!ooo! and this one made me cringe:
Hello All
Today is my last day at e-Telequest. I will miss all of you very much. I have been with Telequest for 4 ½ years. I have learn a lot as well as grown. It comes a time when you find out who are with you and who is smiling in your face and stabbing you in your back at the same time. Yes, it goes on here. I found out that faithful, dedicated, team player and honest only goes so far. I was looking for loyality here but I didn't find it not with Amanda or Sonu.

Well, I want do any name calling because I 'm better than that, however, I'm not perfect. I will miss all of you. My dear friends Tracy who has been my only friend a true angel. I don't want to for get my other friends the QA staff: Angela, Cecil and Edith. And a few friends from the call centers. Some say its not over until the Fat Lady has song; well she has.
Wishing All of You the Best of the Best
Tamiko Brown.

ah! the good times we've had!

man-oh-man do i advise everyone to skip this. it's more interesting to me than anyone else.
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