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i've been trying to sleep in my bed, like a big girl, and have experienced varying degrees of success in regards to my ability to sleep well with a leaning toward the not sleeping well.

i woke up at 2:20am, after having had difficulty getting to sleep in the first place, and i had that feeling that one nostril is letting in air that's too airy. like it's got a straw in it going straight to your brain. i tried going to the bathroom to reset my brain and body and when i got back into bed, i don't know if i'd destroyed my retinas with light or what, but i felt all i could see when i closed my eyes in the dark was some kind of dining room wall painted midnight blue and run amok with a complex design of white chair rails.

i couldn't originally get to sleep because i had made the mistake a couple of days ago of visiting trulia, after a lengthy hiatus, and finding several interesting, elderly east side gems, including this nearly virgin industrial space on east main and my mind had decided to decorate it inside and out and have parties and dinner on the roof and a spiral staircase and there was new sheetrock and white english cupboards from the 60s with inset panels of plastic with prints of swirling flowers (it really does exist) and i was wearing roller skates a lot and pushing a janitor-sized broom and swinging from the rafter on a wood and rope swing and hanging art in the kitchen from brown twine.

3660 feet for $249,000! about 1.5 miles from deep ellum, fair park, and lakewood.

i tried to adjust reality until brian would agree to purchasing it for me. like: "what if it was $125,000? would you buy it then?" i drove around the block on google maps and found the grassy lot on the corner and saw the garage door guarding the motor court, which would become a yard. i had to work out how the garage door to the unit could be open and the spiral staircase to the roof installed without all of the cats being able to figure out how to escape into the surrounding barrio.

as you can see, it was a lot of work for my brain to parse out. i'm amazed i fell asleep at all. but, it was one of those sleeps where your brain just keeps ticking along. and then, of course, violet started doing her usual middle-of-the-night high kick routine, or whatever it is she does that freaks me out. when i was still lying in bed, i had this image of big worms writhing around in my belly and thought that was really rather super freaky and oh thank goodness nothing that bizarre was going on in there. oh no. I JUST HAVE AN ENTIRE HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF MY GUT MOVING AND SWISHING AND PUSHING ABOUT IN THERE. ARMS ROLLING AROUND TRYING TO GET COMFORTABLE. INSIDE MY GUT, I SAID.

i wonder just how scary "AS IS WITH NO REPAIRS" is...

i came out to the couch at 3am. 3-5am is the worst time to be awake as it is the time most saturated with Paid Programming on the tv. mr T, why are you on a FlavorWave Turbo infomercial?

i think i'm feeling sick to my stomach from eating some of brian's lemur droppings cereal.
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