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changing lives since 2003

swim at they gym, the nasher, tennis.

friday night, we followed through on the family promise to go to the gym for the second time in a week so that i could sweat and brian could take oliver to family swim. i hopped back and forth between efx machines trying to decide which would afford me the best view of the pool, but it was rather futile and i was left watching friends for the most part instead.

brian said oliver was a little hesitant after so much time being landlocked, but he had a good time. he tried to get him to stand for short periods of time in the 2FT section of the pool. he was too scared to approach the giant mushroom fountain and it's a shame the water slide empties out into the deep end, because he would love playing on that thing. the dunking at the end... not so much.

saturday morning, we made it in to the little gym and then went directly to first saturday at the nasher sculpture garden, despite the constant threat of rain. i was disappointed to see the target-sponsored art activity room had been replaced with hip hop lessons for kids. we went to the outside portion first. oliver sat on a granite wall behind the fountains and in front of what he called "the owl" and ate ABCD crackers. i marveled at the tiny bamboo forest and told brian i wanted one whenever we finally make it into a house. i would've loved having a tiny bamboo forest growing up. it's spectacularly fancy, if you've never peered into one. i should've taken a picture.


oliver was unimpressed by the george segal pieces, though i thought they would be fairly child-friendly; or, at least, mildly frightening.

we worked our way quickly through the galleries inside before deciding to cross the street to the trammell crow center to look at the outdoor art, fountains, and flowers before the change in our meter could run out. three minutes for five cents!


dizzying! twins!

oliver's favorite part was the revolving door. oliver and the glass elevator... up, please. daddy in a box... where he belongs.

saturday night was the birthday celebration of brian's friend, nichole, at bengal coast in oaklawn. we were too lazy to get a babysitter, so i stayed with oliver and fell asleep at a ridiculously early hour. when brian came home, he did not poop on me for not asking him 20 questions about his evening the second he stepped over the thresh hold, like he did when he came home wednesday night from the gordon lightfoot show and i was woken up from a dead sleep to let him in and, since i'm six months pregnant and possess the world's smallest bladder, i chose to make a beeline for the bathroom first.

sunday, i got up early with oliver, but i couldn't tell you what time it was because no one bothered to tell me about the time change, including brian, who had even changed some of the clocks already. i know i had several pre-brian hours where oliver and i watched a kid show or two and shared a fruit plate with strawberries, banana, and plum and i discovered oliver does not seem to care for plums this season. and then i vacuumed the bejeezus out of all the rooms and after two days, they were already needing to be vacuumed again and i should just give up already already.

brian's work friend, brian, eventually returned brian's call about playing tennis and then they decided to do it in plano and brian hung up and i said i thought he said they were going to cole park because he wanted oliver and me to be able to come along and visit the playground and he had totally forgotten, which made me feel pretty special, and he called brian #2 back to relocate and i felt like some naggy wife who forces her husband to inconvenience everyone on her behalf.

so, we went to cole park and it was astoundingly warm for the first week of march. 83 degrees, i think? nice in the shade, mildly miserable in the sun. which is where the swings were located. with the way the rays were beating down on me, i felt like i was dressed all in black. apparently, the sun is color blind and kelly green with denim might as well be all black, as far as it's concerned. it will bake you either way. i could've worn an aluminum foil-covered cardboard box with frying eggs inside and been equally as comfortable.

initially, oliver took his nap in the car while brian saved a court and i read the lovely bones. it had been our travel book, but brian started cheating when he was waiting for an oil change, so now it's fair game. after about an hour, oliver woke up and was totally sweaty in his hair. he swung for a million years before i convinced him to take some trips down the slides. i took two, slow rides down the twisty slide with him, at his request. after awhile, he started getting ornery and wanted to do the monkey bars seven feet up in the air or slide down the ten foot tall fireman's pole or the squiggledy pole or any of the other things he was too little to do and i was too short/pregnant/unenergetic to help him with.

we went back to the swings for another million years and brian and brian were there because they lost their court during intermission when they wussed out and walked to a convenience store for drinks. brian left and brian stayed until we managed to wrangle oliver back out of the swing and into the car by throwing tennis balls farther and farther from the playground. but not out into the street.

it was take out from mango that night. they lovingly placed our entrees in plastic boxes, as unfortunately expected; and then, as a bonus, took our individual noodle servings and wrapped them in foil and encased that in styrofoam boxes and we were flummoxed and i was dismayed into never ordering that again because of it. and then we ordered the $2 side of fried tofu with the $2 side of peanut sauce for oliver and came home with the $2 side of peanut sauce with the $8 tofu satay with an extra plastic container of pickled vegetables or something. at least they confirmed everything was free of juice squeezed from the decaying bodies of once happily frolicking sea life. at least there was that.
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