changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

poop and whole foods.

we did manage to make it to the gym last night, as scheduled. what we didn't know was also scheduled for the same time was a hard and precise ball of poop oliver had been working on for two days. seven minutes into a good run on the efx machine, one of the kidcare workers approached me to let me know of the incident.

neither of us had an extra diaper. if i'd known the offender was so tidily self-contained, i might've entertained the idea of dumping it in the toilet and pretending to have changed the diaper.

instead, i hopped back there to get oliver and walked in the door to see him kneeling by a toy on the far side of the room, choking back inevitable tears with his bottom lip curling out. i wasn't sure if he was sad to be leaving already (he had been so excited to go to kidcare, he had actually brought me his brush to brush his hair instead of running from it and willingly had his diaper changed) or if he was embarrassed. either way, totally heart-breaking.

i promised him a quick return and that we would go home to make pizzas, as had been requested the night previous.

the night previous, after a dinner of quinoa and pinto beans with zucchini and carrots, brian said he needed to go to the store. so we all went. big night on the town. as we approached the whole foods parking lot, i felt the air being sucked from my chest. i noticed the signs had been taken down. THEY REALLY DID CLOSE IT. i was heartbroken. that was my first whole foods. i came all the way from denton more than once to get a tempeh burger from the bluebonnet cafe inside. they shut it down because they just finished opening a larger one half a mile over. at least it's not really much farther... just take abrams down instead of greenville. but i was hating them. i was hating the excessive number of cars in the parking lot. ON A MONDAY NIGHT. who were all these people? where were they when the other store was operating?

mar had mentioned she went with her husband the other night and it was pure madness. i told brian they should have a loyal customer shopping time for, you know, loyal customers, and all those new lakewooders who could now be bothered to shop there since it was a half mile closer could shop with the hordes.

to there credit, i have no idea where they were hiding all those people inside the store, so i guess it must be laid out well. even if the food bars look like they're kind of sucky and i was counting on that to make me like them.

it was frustrating not knowing where everything was and because i sometimes know what to get without a shopping list because i know i'll see it when i'm there. i searched high and low for the normal pita that every store on the american planet carries and which used to be in the chip aisle by that cold case with the hummus and salsa. i finally asked an employee and he took me first to the overpriced naan and roti and then to the freezer case with the unpalatable ezekiel pita. i circled two more times before giving up and going to central market yesterday.

by this time, my entire torso had begun filling with super painful gas and i thought brian might have to carry me to and from the car. i swear someone had a balloon in my chest that was being consistently inflated. all brian had to say was: "well, you did have beans for dinner." what... i'm not allowed to eat beans anymore?
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