changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

baby loves disco: round two.

after the little gym weekend before last, we were unsuccessful getting oliver to nap. this has become status quo lately. no napping at home. at school? fine. in the car? of course. at home? never!

we went into baby loves disco strung out. it was surprisingly cold and breezy that day, so i held oliver inside my sweater as i ferried him to the front door for his orange club bracelet. it was very much like the last time we went, despite the promised valentine theme. we did our best to not touch too many things, considering it's a club by night and saturated in baby spit by day. i cringed when oliver rolled around on the ikea cityscape rugs with stuffed sharks.

we snacked. we danced with hula hoops, scarves, shaker eggs, and bubbles. we tried to block his view of the gigantic televisions showing cartoons. i really need to send an email about that. nearly $50 spent! for cartoons!

the baby dj played a little snippet of white lines and then i suppose he remembered it was a song about drugs, even if the message is DON'T DO IT!, and then it drifted into another hit of a bygone era.

oliver spent most of his time in a daze... sleep-deprived and over-stimulated. he jogged his little feet on the dancefloor to an instinctIVE rhythm, his one hand occasionally shaking the egg and his other holding on to the hula hoop for dear life. his eyes were glued to one thing or another off in the distance. it was impossible to catch video of him dancing. impossible.


we closed the joint down and i was almost blown over by wind in the parking lot while carrying oliver back to the car. i actually called out for help. there was a women with her three month old out in the lot with a dead battery. brian and i almost tore our fingers off trying to lift her hood with a faulty latch. i won the getting-the-hood-unstuck prize. it was cute because she said something about being nervous that she was broken down in what wasn't the best neighborhood. we were about 50 yards from my old neighborhood. in the daylight.

we sent her on her way and that's when we were locked out in the cold by ann and went to target.

the following day, i went over to mar's to visit with her and annette before mar's freedom from babies ended. we shoved peach pie in our faces and talked about things that i'm sure bored the crap out of annette's 15 year old daughter, who always amazes me when i see she's willing to come to these coffee klatsches.
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