changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the weekend of love and aging.

we made with the photos at oliver's school vday party:

this is me trying to keep my boob from falling out of my dress and on to the toddler valentine table. as if it's long enough!

poor lawrence. left out in the cold while elizabeth sits next to oliver.

oliver's heart balloon. it is still sitting next to the ceiling even after two and a half weeks. feel free to notice the lovely napkins and plates i contributed.

for brian's birthday, we were unable to procure a sitter and brian is totally anti-birthday and no fun anyway, so the three of us went to cosmic cafe for dinner, where oliver decided to be a blur.


and i finally got a photo of him saying good night to the bull out back. next, i will get him giving a high five to the buddha statue set into the outside wall.


we had the traditional brian birthday cake. this will be the last year for the chocolate ganache thing (i forget the official name of it - st anthony's mini cake?) as i later discovered gelatin in the massive ingredients list. because every food we have ever eaten is slowly revealing itself as animal based.


the card included the promise of a massage purchased from massage envy, an establishment offering $39 massages (with membership), but will not allow the purchase of a gift certificate of less than $50 and they refuse to answer my question about whether or not they would like my $39 or if i should find someone who would.

this is an awful photo of me, but oliver cracked me up by, ironically, saying "CHEEESE!" for the first time i've ever heard.

the following morning, saturday, was valentine's day. this is oliver receiving his card. brian almost did not let me purchase it as the front indicated it was for a girl and i found surprise that brian would care about such things.

while daddy was in the shower, oliver and i got down to business with glue and tissue paper. i was reliving my days in second grade where we took individually-sized milk cartons and made them into tissue paper bunnies for easter. looking at this, i can't help but wonder if that was the day brian took a muscle relaxer for his back. *edit: never mind, new photo*

later that afternoon, brian ran an errand to target to get me a high school musical 3 card, which he forgot to give to me until 11:30pm. what a die hard romantic.

i think somewhere in there, maybe friday night, oliver began having fevers, as he's wont to do anytime a weekend rolls around. but, i tell you what, those two year olds are resilient. you give them a shot of motrin and they act like it's the best day ever. until you go to dinner at dream cafe and it wears off and you're working your dinosaur puzzles and not nearly as excited as usual to point out that each is, in fact, a dinosaur puzzle upon completion. and then your bowtie pasta with marinara arrives, the one you threw up all over the table on a previous visit, and you eat exactly one bite of broccoli before collapsing in a ball on the bench, which you've never done.

fortunately, this all happened as brian and i were racing to put the last bites of our dinners into our mouths before the situation disintegrated entirely. he took oliver out to the car while i waited for the bill. but, before all that, we made the kissing video, which i had thought was going to be the kissing photo.

if you're wondering why i look like the most uptight mother ever to be kissed by her child, i'll have you know that the most notable gift i got for valentine's day was a herpe (a small one, thankfully) and i was making sure i didn't pass that specialness on to oliver.
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