changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


yesterday, i darted into world market to pick up a pack or three of

and decided to also grab a pack of these:

... not for eating. just to try the visual on. they're sitting on the range top and smelling good.

yesterday evening, our ups man showed up bearing dozens of packets of koyo ramen (just after discovering i can pick them up locally at the herb mart). oliver was busy playing bedtime and was slow getting off his bed to head for the door. by then, i was already shutting the door and oliver lost it in a wave of angry, hurt tears. he thought daddy had come home and then turned around and left again.

last night, after oliver was done helping sort laundry, i gave him one of the napkins from brian's bday party at work. he was in love. who wouldn't be when it's covered in a drawing of a unicorn with purple and pink hair and pink hooves prancing in front of a star-smattered rainbow? he carefully unfolded it so that there were four unicorns and spread it out underneath his dining room chair before coming back to let me know he needed more unicorn napkins. i told him one is enough because we shouldn't be wasteful of unicorn napkins (even though i admit i was a little curious to see what he had in mind). besides, maybe they can come back out for his birthday party. i'm sure our families would love to see little, gay napkins at a boy's party. he could also wear his unicorn tshirt. and have that unicorn cake i wanted for the last birthday.

for dinner, we had cauliflower stew/soup in a base of white wine and chickpea miso. to the soup base, i accredit oliver's later incessant singing of happy birthday while he swayed back and forth with his left arm thrown casually around my neck.

after failing to make it to they gym last week, we are scheduled to go twice this week. tonight will be a standard issue visit and friday will consist of me trying to burn off some non-baby areas while brian and oliver swim during family swim time. i bet brian barely lasts 15 minutes.
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