changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

bed time.

last night, oliver pushed the button to make summer breeze begin playing. then he climbed into bed and began playing the air piano.

every morning, it is imperative that we each take a share of the handle space on the jam box and walk it over to the closet and say "bye bye music".

he's still doing a stellar job of sleeping through the night. there have been a couple of times where we actually had to wake him up. i'm starting to wonder if the noisy paper deliver man was responsible for all those early morning wake ups. oliver's room is on the far side of the condo. there's likely less wall-rattling back there.

last night was his first try at climbing back out of bed after i left the room. he found us standing in the darkened back living room and brian led him back to bed. he had been wide awake when i'd left him. i couldn't stand another moment of sitting by his bed while i watched him come micro-movements from jabbing the hoop end of glo-sticks into his eyes.
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