changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

spring cleaning. i need a hazmat suit.

i was watching my c# video and finding myself falling asleep, so i started some coffee on the stove and decided to use the intertwining 7 minutes to do that vacuuming i mentioned earlier. much more than 7 minutes later, i remembered the coffee on the stove and was glad to see it doesn't explode into a fiery, metallic mess when you do that. i wonder how that gasket held up.

then, i finally got out the microfiber cover for that dust mop we never use and started going to town with it under the couch. there was a lot of miscellaneous business up under there. our couch is in two sections, which are clamped together. i had to pull it out from the wall to get to some of the nuggets.

what i found (a mostly complete list):
one couch clamp
red, plastic hammer
is that a cat?-sized hairball
smaller hairballs
cereal, two kinds
quarter, dime, nickel, penny(2)
lincoln log
are those three petrified turds?! wait, when did i buy very large raisins? i say raisins; but, sadly, it would be more likely to find turds around here
remote control
partial sheet of colorforms
two cat balls
two non-cat balls
small pillow
empty toilet paper tube
two pieces of bubble wrap
large, red rubber fish
lime green handle from plastic easter bucket
small, silver cardboard box lid
large roach, dead
wooden mushroom
large rock, white
plastic play plate, yellow
plastic play fork, yellow
monster puppet eyebrow, orange
block, wooden
block, cardboard, yellow
the letter D

i've also begun sweeping some of the baseboards, which requires going back through with the vacuum. i think i'll need a power sprayer for some spots. speaking of which, someone came along and power-sprayed the section of sidewalk immediately in front of our door. they made a clean spot. i now see how brownish-green the rest of the sidewalk is.

i'm thinking i'm too pooped to crawl around on the floor again in order to do the same thing under our bed. i worry i'll forget and lay flat out on my stomach during the frenzy. instead, i'm trying once again to resuscitate the roomba. i thought, perhaps, discharging the battery might do the trick. i think i'm going to look up how to discharge the battery now to see if i've done it right.
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