changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

summer breeze.

wow. they're calling for 83 degrees today. already 70 as of 9am. brian slept with the a/c on last night. i think that was uncalled for. especially since with the windows open. i think he's starting to get the change of life because he's all the time now trying to make me think i'm frying oliver. i'm the insane one. just so you know.

i woke up at 5am this morning. i think the heart monitor, which has supposedly been long dead and definitely been boxed up, has been making some weird noises. at least, i hope it's the monitor. maybe that woke me up. oliver was up 45 minutes later. i went into his room and he said "hi, mommy. changey diaper." so i changied diaper and he pushed the button on the hello kitty jambox and the cd, which last night replaced charlie brown music, began playing summer breeze and oliver and i danced in the orange glow of the lamp. i think he digs that song because he turned it on again later and i caught him swaying to it and experimenting a little with waving his hands. i tried to pump him up about dream weaver because it mentions a train. to an astral plane. to the morning light. but, it was making me sleepy, so we skipped ahead to does anybody really know what time it is?, and it was early time.

i just vacuumed the floor and i am already looking up to see a tuft of ttyki's hair. i don't understand it. maybe it's because ttyki has been shedding like she's on chemo. maybe since her body mass has reduced, she simply doesn't have the surface area for all those fur follicles to be occupied.

we missed the gym altogether this week. brian had to work tuesday night and i had the fecal urgency yesterday afternoon. this also scared me out of taking a walk. it was later replaced by debilitating gas, which seemed unable to find its way around the baby. i thought i might have to die.

we settled for taking oliver to the courtyard to play with the leakiest bubble wand ever. and kick a ball. joann came out. oliver was super sad later when she turned and went inexplicably back into her condo without a word. then she came back with their visiting chihuahua, danny. when she left for real, he gave her a hug and said "night night, joann-ann." he also told her "night night, ossifer." such a little parrot.

anyhow, back to the cats, we were out in the courtyard and i saw this black-and-white collie sitting in the door window of the condo next to joann's, where loretta lives. except it wasn't a collie. it was a cat. and it had found all of ttyki's weight and extra hairs. it was mammoth. doglike. it made confusion for me.
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