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changing lives since 2003

dragging me down after her.

my sister turned 40 on friday. she was not pleased.

we played hooky from the little gym and drove into tyler saturday morning. our plan to visit the zoo was nixed again on account of a cold front that had moved through and made us cowards of the outdoors. instead, that's when brian and i escaped to the drug emporium for health food and vitamin gluttony. oliver played with grandpa and emptied out the pool skimmer ten times.

we had drinks my father made which were not really drinks, which was kind of him. perrier, raspberry syrup, and limes. i got drunk on bubbles.

my mom spent an eternity at the kitchen counter rolling out dough for cabbage rolls. eventually, my sister and her family showed up. i tried to hide my ravenous consumption of dinner by placing the empty vegetarian cabbage roll plate underneath my dinner plate. out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. but, i lost at that game and my half of the table looked at my plates and did weird things with their eyebrows and mouths. and my head said "i am pregnant and you cannot look at my belly and know for certain how much has gone into my pie hole just now." i always try the preemptive strike of sitting down to a dinner table, any dinner table, and exclaiming how incredibly famished i am and, if applicable, i continue by stating i haven't eaten hardly anything or i forgot to eat lunch. i then assume it will be socially acceptable to eat enough for three in the span of 20 minutes.

and then i ate a piece of angel food cake with pink icing.


after dinner, oliver thought it was xmas time and did his best to hand out my sister's presents to everyone but my sister. she wasn't getting a thing if he could help it. we finally convinced him to let her have them and he then tore the paper off for her and allotted her approximately 3 seconds to read the front of her new tshirt before corralling it back into its box. he dumped aqua-colored lush bath bomb dust out of the skinny, yellow lush bag i had included with two books. i bet that looks nice on mom's carpet.


mom skedaddled to go to a community concert featuring the new christy minstrels. my father tried to convince us the new christy minstrels were the biggest thing in the 60s and i tried to make him feel better about the fact that i had never heard of them by saying i hadn't been born yet and then i tried to ignore the fact that not being born yet had done nothing to stop me from having heard of countless other bands like the beatles and rolling stones and peter, paul, and mary.

after hanging out with the big kids and nearly giggling his belly off his torso as a result of some kind of elmo cracker game ashleigh was playing with him in the piano room, oliver went to bed on the fold out couch in the office without fuss and i passed out on the living room couch without fuss. and then i woke every 15 minutes as my newest cold apexed and put great miseries on my head.


nothing special ensued sunday morning and then we packed up and headed to my friend christie's house for the conjoined birthday party of her three year old daughter and five year old son. and then we left her house because we found out she forgot to tell us the party was being held at pump it up, sweet jesus.

oliver fell asleep in the car, since it was already past nap time. then he woke up in pump it up land. sweet jesus. after some time passed, i learned the entire gaggle of children running around like maniacs were all party participants. sweet jesus.


oliver resolutely refused to engage in any kind of pump it up activity and i could already see that the party would end with him finally having a hoot and having to be dragged away. and that was about right. brian finally coaxed him into the regular, jumping bounce house and then the obstacle course with mighty slide at the end. then it was twice on the might slide without preceding obstacle course. i swear when i went down one of those things with oliver that one time before coming to my senses, it was infinitely more terrifying than it looks here. complete horror. i held pregnancy and the fact that i was wearing a dress in front of me like a shield against having to go down that slide.

shortly after we pulled out of the parking lot after the party, i was shocked and amazed to see a starbucks on the north side of town and, despite being in the far left lane, i managed to make two lane changes and an almost 90 degree turn into the drive thru. oliver got his bracelet (cup sleeve) and promptly passed out. we listened to david sedaris on cd and i tried to not promptly pass out. we got back to dallas in time to see the second half of the new mardi gras parade down in oak cliff. don't get me wrong... we didn't go or anything. we just got to dallas in time. :( we had ramen to eat.
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