changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i've unchained my heart.

this morning, brian told me my monitor was sending me a message that i was free from its shackles. i gleefully detached myself from wires and later, mindlessly peeled the three "button stickers", as oliver calls them, from the wee, downy hairs of my chest and torso. my only regret was the fact that the monitor ripped me off by one day of service. my calculations indicated an end time of this evening, giving me today to consume a fully caffeinated beverage in an attempt to stimulate palpitations and avoid notes in my medical file that i'm a hypochondriac. oh well.

in other news, i'm pleased to report i've found a completely vegan, completely fishy-burp free dha supplement. i receive only tiny burps of the lemon variety. maybe i'll start getting smarter and less forgetful. or maybe i'll have another baby and become something akin to a drooling frontal lobotomy patient. either way, at least i'll know i tried.

we're making up a little gym class tonight (we have four total to be made up), the big gym tomorrow night (leaving wednesday open for the make up of the inevitable canceling of the gym), and i have cooking class with darren at kalachandji's thursday night. strangely, this makes me feel energized instead of tired. but, i suppose there's always time for that to change. i think i tend to feel more tired the less i do. psychological expectations and all. or maybe it's all that dha flooding my system. maybe i'll start shitting bricks of gold soon.
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