changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

drug emporium: land of wonder.

during the height of my morning sickness, my soul was screaming for some ramen. however, my conscience couldn't allow me to pump my body full of the inevitable msg that i found in every single packet i could get my hands on the ingredients list for.

this weekend, we were in tyler. for our magical, childless outing, brian and i went to drug emporium and luxuriated aisle by aisle, shelf by shelf, product by product.. without the toddler clock ticking off minutes until the inevitable meltdown.

during this time, i found RAMEN WITH NO MSG. it does have kombu powder, but i'm pretty sure that's acceptable. we just about cleared out that portion of the shelf in excitement and the three of us had it for dinner last night (oliver and i added carrots and tofu to our bowls... this will make an excellent vehicle for vegetables). oliver loved it. the broth was a little weak, BUT NO MSG. on top of that, it's organic, baked and not fried (one gram of fat for the entire package), has no other free glutamic acid ingredients, and is still just under the $1 price point. i realize that's five times more than the usual manchuran at 20cents each, but i think i can handle the price increase at such a low level.

i also found logs of organic polenta (regular and sundried tomato with garlic), which are quite possibly sold in our stores.. i just haven't looked yet. i received a recipe in my email last week for polenta fries which seems like a good idea. even if i've never tasted polenta before.

we're like kids in a candy store in that place, the drug emporium. all kinds of things that the whole foods mega chain does not carry. i've been snacking on late july double chocolate sandwich cookies. the hemp milk is always in stock and only $3.15 instead of $3.99. they even had pinky balls in the impulse buy bin at the check out counter and i adore the way they don't even have a scanner. i almost expect change to come rolling out of the register and into a little collection bowl.

ps: the ramen is also sold on amazon.

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