changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the vday party.

as usual, oliver was marched straight into shydom when the rope he was holding onto with 11 other toddlers wound its way into his classroom door from the playground.

the room was fully decked out in hearts and red and pink and shiny, silver balloons. this always throws him for a loop.

brian and i were there. i had brought plates and napkins from target as well as the jel dessert and bran muffin. oliver only wanted grapes.

the kids put stickers on balloons and it was a big time. photographs were taken with my 35mm, so i'll have to do like they did during little house on the prairie times and wait to finish the roll and take it in for processing.

brian told me his cube was decked out in unicorns for his birthday. unicorn balloon, unicorn cake. violet received two onesies. but i'm not completely sure why.

oliver fell asleep in the car. upon his exit back home, i noticed the palms of his hands were 99% caked in red glitter from the red-glitter-coated cardboard heart anchoring his heart-shaped balloon to the earth and from the sky. for lunch, he scooped macaroni expertly into his mouth and diligently cleaned up the mishaps without prodding. i had mere minutes until a conference call and was flabbergasted when he took his balloon in one hand and my hand in the other and led the three of us to his bed. i pet his back for a few minutes before i couldn't wait any longer. he protested little before succumbing. it's been two hours now. i wonder if i'll hear him wake up over the din from all this rock music.

yesterday, as i was sitting on the hard chair at my desk, i looked out the sliding glass door to see the snowy white cat hair braided into the astroturf outside, which i had told myself the day before needed vacuuming, and saw a tiny bird plucking out a tuft with which to make a nest. and then i wondered if i shouldn't leave the rest.
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