changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

poop, open wounds, and valentine love. and brian's birthday.

so, oliver has been pooping more than he's been eating lately. no diarrhea. just constant pooping. the nurse told me yesterday not to worry.

he pooped monday morning and then blew out his drawers during lunch at school. he pooped during his naps tuesday and wednesday and also during one of those nights, which helped form an absolutely awful rash that makes him cry horrible tears when we try to clean him up. he was being courteous during the second naptime poop cleanup with susana, but he looked like he was about to pass out.

it's awful.

he pooped twice this morning and i'm glad to see he was able to take a shower without it hurting. i think that's what turned him off to showers for a couple of weeks around the time of his last rash. getting him back to showering without screaming like we were killing him was fun times.

today is brian's birthday. 35. tomorrow is valentine's day. today is oliver's valentine's day party at school. i'm suffering from much confusion over what is being celebrated today and planning accordingly. i've already messed up and need to get to central market at some point today.

oliver will be passing out dr seuss valentine cards (he put the stickers on the envelopes himself). he will also be passing out cherry-flavored vegan jel dessert to himself, allie (celiac), and azmer (muslim?)... as the other children are being supplied with jell-o jigglers. ever researched the ingredients in jell-o? and i don't just meant the gelatin, in case that's not already enough.

they are also being supplied with cupcakes from sprinkles. oliver will be having these really good bran muffins with golden raisins i found for him at central market. (i know that sounds like a pale comparison, but these things really are tasty.) susana will be driving to plano to get a gluten-free cupcake for allie. azmer will eat cupcakes until the cows come home.

i have made sure lawrence and elizabeth will not receive the same valentine card. just in case they're comparing notes.

we finally went to the gym again last night. for real. second time since getting knocked up. oliver went willingly enough into kid care, but i later noticed he was sitting the whole time by this gigantic car tower, not playing with cars. just watching everyone. as soon as i went in there, he ran over to me and then wanted to drag out all the toys to play. i felt sad. he's shy. then he pinched his finger or something and had that awful i'm-trying-really-hard-not-to-cry-in-front-of-strangers-but-i've-really-hurt-myself face and big tears were squeezing out and running down to his quivering lip anyway. and we left.

it took me until this morning to realize the irony of the green eggs and ham valentine in the pack.
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