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another tedious weekend review. even if it does contain underpants.

friday night, we had a family shopping trip to target. even though we had already purchased some fancy dr. seuss valentine cards at froggie's awhile back, i found oliver sitting in the cart holding a box of yo gabba valentines. and they're not even officially handing out cards in his class. we're set for a couple of years.

i felt tremendous guilt after looking at girl clothing with oliver sitting right there in the cart. and we neglected to find anything among the meager display of the orla kiely line.

saturday was a bust because we still haven't adjusted to our new class schedule at the little gym, wherein it sits right in the middle of our day. oliver threw two tantrums while we were there. they were out of eggs at the farmers market, but not honey. it took me an hour and a half to get him to go down for a nap. i was exhausted from my lack of decent sleep the night before and had snoozed all of 10 minutes before brian called to say he was on his way home from his tennis date. by the time he showered and we all got back out the door, it was after five. our hopes of running errands were dashed and we were left picking up only some of the shards. we made it to babies r us to get a bed rail and then threw in the towel and went to fadi's for dinner. i always forget how everything is swimming in oil there. super good, but leaves you feeling like you just ate a gallon of the stuff. i was convinced my dinner was going to slide out the other end before we could get home.

after putting oliver to bed, i fell asleep to hamlet 2. i actually made it to the bedroom, but finally gave up and went back to the couch after an episode of insomnia whereby i thought anxious thoughts. i watched the rest of hamlet 2 and found myself unimpressed and wondering what brian and darren thought was so hilarious.

sunday morning, i was able to get brian up and going at an uncharacteristically early hour. the three of us went to the galleria so oliver could hang at the jungle playland and make us worry two hooligans were going to fly through the air and land on him. we were there to purchase too many girl clothes at old navy. brian is prepared to buy 75% of all girl baby clothes wherever we go. i'm trying to slow him down, especially if we do end up having a small shower. the only thing we could possibly ask for would be clothing and what's the point if we've already bought everything. of course, that was the one thing that sucked about oliver's showers: everyone was so generous, there was nothing left for us to go have fun buying.

notice that the pink outfits outnumber the green outfits. believe it or not, brian is the pinkaholic. the pink outfits were my concession to him and the green outfits were his concession to me.

baby girl clothes 1
baby girl clothes 1 - by displayname2 on

just so you don't think we left oliver entirely out of the loop, he did get this fancy set of flash/puzzle cards from this small line of toys old navy is carrying with illustrations by charley harper. he also had the opportunity to color valentine illustrations and have his polaroid taken by an old navy employee. the other reason for our trip was to purchase dinosaur underpants at the gap. he scored this sheet of gigantic stickers with their junk food tshirt images. brian and i were forced to walk around with them stuck to our overpants.

oliver's scores
oliver's scores - by displayname2 on

the thing with these underpants is they look all well and good in the photo; but, when you take them out of the package, they have this disturbing, banana-hammockesque cut. i'm hoping they'll look different on. i mean, he already has the tear away underpants. then, we started noticing that the clothing we had purchased for the baby that came with bloomers had the same deal. they were all super-tiny. i don't know how you'd get a regular diaper in those things, much less a prefold.

after the galleria, we convinced oliver to fall asleep in the car and ate freebird while overlooking white rock park. too many onions.

today, when i picked oliver up from school, he was wearing his full poop outfit. susana had initially thought he had spilled his burrito on his chair. no onions.

ps: i couldn't be more sick and tired of cleaning up vomit and the world's smelliest soft-serv poop right off the floor. and hey, thanks oskar for puking right in the crib. it went right through the cat puke towel. and oh, thanks ttyki for eating parsley this morning and vomitting it back up under the dining table AND on the couch. that's in addition to my thanks for sitting on the toilet tank last night and throwing up your dinner all the way down the toilet and to the floor. hey, juana and ozzie... don't think i've forgotten about you. thank you for your tandem puking last friday. thank you. if you have any doubts about where to invest your money in the stock market these days, might i suggest paper towels? seriously. we're keeping the paper towel industry afloat over here.
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