changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i was thankful that the trees had been trimmed bare, but only because it meant that many fewer ....

...branches were now available to blast through my living room window, become inhabited by a poltergeist, and snatch me from my bedcovers.

i was awakened at 4:30am this morning by the sound of what could only be described as a wind intent on killing the wicked witch of the east. and also the sound of a turbojam infomercial being knocked dead once the wind determined the wicked witch had already been taken.

i had fallen asleep on the couch yet again and, when brian had tried to wake me several hours earlier and ask if i was coming to bed, i answered in much the same manner oliver uses when asked any number of questions these days.

i jumped up fearing for my life (i hate storms) and ran to my laptop, as it was the only thing still emitting any signs of electrified civilization. i tried to find a decent weather map to let me know if i was about to be crushed by my attic and, after giving up, began looking for the number we're supposed to call to report a power outage. this is more difficult than it sounds as that number does not belong to green mountain, our energy provider, as they are but an empty husk when it comes to the actual nuts and bolts of delivering the electricity. i finally found the right number and felt like a super hero for surely being the only person in the zip code up that early and reporting a power outage.

it was back on 15 minutes later, about the same amount of time the storm lasted and about the same amount of time the battery on my laptop lasted (down from 2 hours of power a year ago... pitiful).

after watching three-quarters of an episode of clean house (my attempt at remapping the cleaning and decluttering regions of my brain), oliver woke up for the day. which means i've got four nights under my belt now of screwed up sleep, even after falling unconscious at reasonable hours. the power company was kind enough to call at 6:23am to ask if the electricity was back on. despite already being up for the day, i still suffered righteous indignation that they called at 6:23am.
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