changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

coffee shop, the size of a banana, political correctness.

so, i went to white rock coffee to work for a little bit yesterday afternoon. i solved the potty problem by only being there for about an hour. i ordered rooibos tea and a raisin bran muffin and did that stupid thing where you try to carry your 40 pound suitcase with the laptop in it, the mug with a saucer on top, and a plate with a fork on it up a flight of stairs. by some miracle of miracles, i dropped nothing. barely. i thought since i had consumed the consumables, i could do the same thing with greater ease going back down the stairs. the saucer slid around a little and it was snapshots in my head of pregnant lady tumbling down the stairs wildly clutching the crockery the whole way so they wouldn't break.

after a week of abstaining, i broke down saturday on the way home from the galleria and had a decaf latte. i didn't die or anything, though. i'm thinking of breaking down again in just a few minutes. it's not like, 12 days later, i'm still expecting to receive that heart monitor. maybe it's subconscious sabotage get out of the gym this evening by having heart palpitations.

an email told me the baby is 10 inches tall now. and old enough (20 weeks) to be measured head to toe instead of crown to rump. the email didn't tell me if that was because it's unfurling. because the last drawing i saw of a 19 week old showed that kid in a fairly ridiculous yoga pose, framing it's face with crossed legs.

speaking of crossed legs, did you know we're not allowed to say "indian style" any more? as in "sitting indian style"? i guess we're not allowed to say "cross-legged" either... maybe it's an affront to the physically disabled set. now, it's criss-cross applesauce. seriously. i hope applesauce doesn't take offense. anyhow, i was trying to get oliver to take a nap this weekend and he started yanking his little feet over his legs and saying "criss-cross applesauce." in case you were wondering, this also means we're not allowed to sing "10 little indian boys" anymore. and, after watching a new episode of blue's clues last night entitled love day, i find myself asking if we're no longer allowed to say "valentine's day." i'm guessing it's because we're not all catholic. i admit i'm a little scarred from being abused by valentine's day as a child growing up methodist. the persecution.
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