changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

random candids.

after months of putting it off, i finally attempted a photo of my belly last saturday. i tried it several times because the photos kept showing my belly looking about half the size it seems to look in the mirror, which is better than the usual looking twice as big in a photo as i think i look in a mirror.

anyway, 19.5 weeks:

i thought this was funny.

remember that gigantic ice storm we had which caused the "snow" day? here is its bountiful bounty of ice:

oliver's next door napping neighbor at school, sammy, moved to chicago over xmas (for six months... crazy story). then they found out he has a horrible disease which has still not been completely identified which causes cysts all over his kidneys. miss S had the kids make cards to send in a care package and oliver made him another card at home. i thought this one was funny because it was the same day oliver was "displaying himself" at school:

i moved the banana for the sake of decency:

he got a harmonica for xmas. it cracks us up when he starts playing like an elderly, african-american blues legend. this is the best video i've managed to get:

the bangkok inn.

why he's not allowed to dress himself:
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