changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a rare weekend review.

friday night, we were going to be fancy and go out to dinner instead of bringing it home in its 25 disposable containers. i selected an unusual choice: italian. it's this small place on nw hwy and then we remembered it might be crowded. and, sure enough, there were middle aged men in sports jackets carrying bottles of wine and the place was packed at 6:15pm.

so we slink slank slunked away to bangkok inn and, knowing it was now too late to expect oliver to have decent manners in public, we got dinner to go in 25 disposable containers. we recently learned that everything on the planet that we've ever enjoyed at asian mint cafe contained oyster sauce and/or shrimp essence, so we asked to make sure our food at the bangkok inn didn't and we're not sure if it usually does because the girl said she'd tell her mom to make sure it was vegetarian, but all i know is our blazing vegetables and tofu (there was tofu this time) had been snuffed out and served in water sauce. which makes us nervous.

i had to leave the little gym early saturday morning to take ttyki to the vet again for a follow up. those antibiotics were doing nothing for her poop-puke problem and someone was periodically peeing outside the box, so we decided to blame it on her. while making the appointment, i laughed when they asked me to catch a sample of her urine or, as an alternate, keep her from peeing until her 11:45am appointment. and then i felt bad because, apparently, what they do to cats belonging to owners who don't have a clue how to catch a urine sample from a cat is stick a 25 gauge needle into their bladder to withdraw the sample while saying "oh hey... it totally doesn't bother them at all."

there was blood in that there urine sample and i fancy it might have been a result of the bladder walls being pierced with a needle, but what do i know? there was not any glucose. i've been told that's good. and the blood sugar measured from the hole they made in her ear came back status quo as well. so now, we're taking 28 pills. thank god this is ttyki and not oskar. ttyki might bitch a lot day to day, but she barely complains with the pills, whereas oskar would try to kill you. in his happy-go-lucky way.

after returning home and completing a failed attempt at nap time and since it was winter springtime again, just like it is every 3 to 4 days these years, we packed up and headed to the arboretum to exercise our family pass and our first born. this was the beginning of me being very impressed with oliver's public behavior last weekend. i barely carried him at all and he was very pleased to be out running and chasing and rolling in the grass. for some reason, despite the gorgeous tank-top weather, the place was practically empty and there wasn't a single wedding in sight. oliver got a hair grumpy as the place was closing down and he started begging for sandwiches, which was a new one. sandwich sandwich sandwich. he was about to tear my purse apart like a baby hyena trying to find himself a sandwich in there.


we went to whole foods for provisions (seems to be our new saturday night outing) and home for dinner, whereupon i reminded myself again that i do not like the whole foods kung pao tofu beyond five bites.

sunday, brian made his usual refusal to rise and shine in time for us to get out of the house before needing to be back for oliver's lunch and naptime. so, i packed him up on my own and we headed to the galleria (it was nice out, but there was a chilly wind which would've given me an earache had i chosen a nicer location, like the lake). he still had a hoot of a time walking around and riding escalators and watching ice skaters and playing for ages in the jungle-themed play area (and i didn't even have to hover over him this time) and crouching on the floor with a lush salesgirl while i purchased a tiny disc of solid cinnamon shampoo which really does only take three swipes on your hair to make lather. he even behaved at the old navy and followed me when i asked. i was there to re-purchase some empire waisted cotton dresses in size XS and was totally embarrassed to be doing so with what looked like a beach ball under my shirt, but those things (the dresses) are huge. oliver eventually gave the empty hanger he'd been carrying around to the cashier after a little coaxing and no wailing. granted, he did wail when he busted his head outside while trying to climb on a bench, but he can't be expected to go more than 8 hours without busting something.

he refused to fall asleep in the car going the long way home and refused to fall asleep in his bed. i vacuumed the entire house, finally, and we went to froggie's to pick up another 24-piece golden books puzzle (the something-something kitten and a bonus... the tawn, scrawny lion. 36 pieces!) because someone has started working the 24-piece elephant and tiger puzzle all on his own!


i had this brilliant idea that since everyone was at the superbowl, we should dine in the open-air room at chuy's. and so we picked up an animal sticker book for oliver's mental occupation and walked on down. and he continued to behave well. he even walked there and back. he fell asleep in the car and was so out that brian was able to carry him up and change his diaper and put on his pajama pants and take him to bed an hour early.

i'm seriously contemplating leaving the house to work from a coffee shop for the first time since i've had the ability to do so (the end of august, when oliver started school). what is wrong with me for not having done so before now?

ps: what the heck is the laptop etiquette in a coffee shop? do you take it with you to pee and risk losing your spot or be completely naive and leave it sitting there on its own?
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