changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

oliver is the two-est two of them all.

oliver is totally destroying his perfect angel status at school today.

brian told me it took 10 minutes to get oliver from the car to the toddler drop off arena because he refused to carry him.

susana called while i was on my conference call (still on, btw. make it end) and i emailed brian to call her back while i sat here escalating my concern from fever to busted face to death. then, brian emailed back before i could run out of here screaming and crying with fear:

Oliver is being very defiant and is in time-out. He took a puzzle piece from Ellis and refused to give it back to her. Susanna explained that Ellis was very sad that he took it and that she needed it back so she could finish her puzzle. He refused. Susanna said that he would have to go to time out if he wouldn’t return it. He refused. She put him in time-out. She explained that he could come out of time out when he returned the puzzle piece. He refused and refused. Miss Ashley took him for a walk for a change of scenery. He still refuses. Ellis has moved on, but now he refuses to return the puzzle to the box. Susanna said the class rule is that everything must be put away before snacktime. He still refuses to cooperate. She asked what she should do. I said that if it’s the class rule that everything must be put away before snacktime, that he should stay in time out until he puts it up. I think he’s testing Miss Susanna and Miss Jaime. They’ve allowed him to not follow the rules (she basically admitted this to me) in the past. I think he needs a day of tough love. She wanted to make sure we didn’t think it was cruel to leave him in time out until put the puzzle piece up. I told her that I agreed that he should stay in time out.

dang. he's giving up snack time. i replied:

good grief. i thought he was busted up or dead.

did you tell her to tell ozzie he could put the puzzle piece away?

in case that last bit doesn't make sense to you... our one, almost-sure fire way to get him to do something is to offer it to ozzie. he'll go from acting like he's deaf or a non-english speaker to understanding clearly and responding with fire. it goes something like: "oliver... oliver... hey, oliver!... want to put on pajamas? pajama-time. oliver hey oliver. pajamas? c'mon let's put on pajamas.......okay, hey ozzie! come put on some pajamas" followed by "I WANT PAJAMAS!"

this works for just about anything, although he does sometimes defer a clean diaper to ozzie. i worry this might really backfire in our faces by making him incredibly territorial, at least as far as ozzie's concerned. but, damn. it's hard not to use the one weapon in your waning arsenal. and it's personally entertaining to imagine ozzie hopping into the shower or wearing a shirt or putting on his shoes.
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