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dinosaurs in mckinney and the 2008 xmas soiree.

on saturday, january 3rd, we finally made it up central expressway to mckinney. it's long enough of a drive that oliver worked in a bit of a nap.

it was roughly in the middle of nowhere. and "it" equaled "the heard natural science museum and wildlife sanctuary". "it" is much easier to type.

we were going there because i had caught internet wind that they had some animatronic dinosaurs which we were hoping would delight oliver more than they would frighten them.

it was a nice, little place and, after you purchased your tickets, you walked out the back door and down some ramps and down some dirt and rock paths and started down the nature trail speckled with signs showing arrows and "DINOSAURS".

the day was unseasonably warm. or, i suppose, it was seasonable enough for texas. i was dewy in a tank top and oliver's cheeks turned pink while wearing his "NEVER FORGET" dinosaur tshirt (he chose it over his "ASK ME ABOUT DINOSAURS" tshirt with the sunglasses-wearing dinosaur).

we arrived at the first dinosaur and saw a mix of delight and pick-me-up on oliver's face. without fail, anytime i tried to move close to a dinosaur for a photo op, that would be the moment the dinosaur would make its purported noise. and scare the bejeezus out of oliver.


incredibly rickety and termite-ridden log cabin.



we managed to avoid being spit upon.

i was quite surprised at the end of the dinosaur trail when oliver immediately began approaching the largest dinosaur of them all and i was all commanding brian to hurry up with the camera. and then i realized he wasn't cozying up to the dinosaur. instead, he was having trouble controlling his ability to maintain the personal space of others and was approaching this family we had been in proximity of. their daughter (several years older than oliver) had decided to bring her double stroller with dolls and oliver couldn't stay away from it. even with the threat of a 25 foot t-rex looming overhead.


throughout the trail, i wondered if that mother had sorely regretted letting the girl bring that stroller to walk on a lumpy, dirt trail with hills and steps.

after looking at a couple of tapirs and lemurs and what have you, we went inside for a bit to COOL OFF IN JANUARY and check out the exhibits. oliver did that two year old thing where he simultaneously wanted to walk into the mouth of the snake, but didn't want to walk into the mouth of the snake. so, i picked him up and he let me carry him through past the intestines painted on the wall until we were shat out of its fabric behind hole.

we skipped the taxidermy stuff, because that's just tacky and let oliver set up camp for a bit at the dinosaur-sand table (after dodging yet another museum full-body sand pit).


we went home where brian became afflicted with a headache and i became afflicted with a multi-hour cleaning jag. by the end of it, i was too beat and toasty to consider making myself any more presentable for date night with darren.

he showed up and i was still wearing my dinosaur outfit and that was too bad. we exchanged xmas gifts and then watched oliver tear his open. or maybe oliver went first. babies first. or else. he got these two awesome sets of colorforms - one for the farm and one for outer space, as well as two books. what will fat cat sit on? is undoubtedly his favorite. we call "fat cat" "ozzy" and "ozzy" "fat cat", when we're done reading it. i don't think i need to explain why.


he also got a cooking class at kalachandji's. i will be joining him. unfortunately, the session with the psychic was far too expensive.

darren and i dined at kalachandji's. if it hadn't been for that table in the corner of the room i've never been in, it would've been standing room only. i must've really liked the food and/or talked a lot, because i talked and ate us right past a reasonable time for departure. we still dashed over to the magnolia and ran a flight of stairs in parking garage and it turned out whatever our movie choice for the evening was had sold out anyhow. there were no other acceptable movie solutions, so i had the idea that i would start a business whereby groups of people could rent little karaoke-like rooms, but instead of singing songs, they would watch the movie of their choice. like ppv for the going-out set.

and then i remembered i have no money or wherewithal to start a business and we retired to the grapevine patio for drinks. i told darren to order me a shirley temple and he refused. so, i made him order me a sprite with lime and cherries and i stood behind him giggling because he also hates to order me drinks with cherries in them.


we made it home by some ungodly hour like 9:30pm because darren was scared to stay long enough to have another drink as a result of a side effect of his latest and greatest headache meds, if you know what i mean and you probably don't because i guessed a completely different side effect initially.

the following sunday remains a mystery to my memory. that's a lie. we went to northpark mall to look for fatty clothes and found none. but, we did look at the fountain.

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