changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


since october, i've been to the OB's office five times, the pediatrician's once, and i tried to go to the cardiologist's this morning. alas, they had my old number on file and i didn't get the message that my appointment had been canceled. i'll be going back again this afternoon. somehow, i managed to reschedule without stepping on one of the many conference calls that continue to blossom and migrate on my outlook calendar.

then, i have the sonogram in about two weeks and another OB appointment about a week after that. by the way, i "failed" my blood test for fifth disease and will have to have another blood draw during that appointment. i could have told you that a week ago.

in case it's not already frustrating enough to look like a slacker for having to be off from work for all these appointments, i still have to leave again in the afternoons to pick oliver up. and i haven't even gotten to the point of frequent OB visits.

it's no wonder companies don't want to hire pregnant ladies or ladies with children.
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