changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

mlk day.

it's MLK day.

i know this because i've been sweating for at least a week over remembering to work last night (a sunday) and put in state filters on a bunch of campaigns. i was sweating because a couple of weeks ago, i had confused my dates and not put in a filter for the battle of orleans until 6 or 7pm the day of and after looking at a receipt for target and thinking it had been two days and not one since i had been there and then realizing that day was the date i thought the next day was going to be.

somewhere around thursday of last week, it was made known to me through a yahoo group message that oliver would not be attending school. and then, i learned that brian would not be attending work.

must be a fancy life to get the MLK day off. i don't think i've ever in my life had anything off for MLK day.

so, because of those filters, i was blazingly aware of MLK day, but that didn't stop me from forgetting all the way up until about 10 minutes before brian left that he wasn't going to work and that i was supposed to follow him to the auto garage to pick him up after he dropped off the focus to finally get the ghetto window fixed. and then, even after that, it wasn't until brian called from the parking lot of oliver's school that i remembered he didn't have school today. brian claims he never knew, but i know he gets the same yahoo messages that i get.

so, i picked them up and oliver was eating the carr's whole wheat crackers and apple slices from his lunch bag and they came home for a little while and now, they're at the arboretum enjoying the new family pass.

isn't that nice? a father-son outing? makes me want to go and take pictures, except then it wouldn't be a father-son outing. and i would be in trouble for walking out on the job.

it's lovely out there. i keep trying to pretend it's warmer than it is. i had to uncrack some of the windows because the heater kept coming on even though it's set to 60. and because i was starting to get chilly.
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