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medical oddities.

after two back-to-back conference calls yesterday, i had my third appointment with the OB. 141 pounds. on the not-ridiculously-fucked-up scale.

the nurse who took my vitals was the same who had drawn my blood on NYE. she found the heartbeat right away. 140.

i told dr C about my heart. i had been having flutters the whole time, but they've escalated during the last week or so to the point where they're scaring the crap out of me. it happens at night, when i'm on the horizontal. just a banging around in my chest for hours. enough to wake me up. enough to make me wonder if i'll make it through the night.

she recommended making an appointment with my cardiologist. i did. i was chastised by the phone-answerer for not going to an annual check up after having been given a clean bill of heart health. do most people go to regular appointments with the cardiologist? does having a work up with one mean you're married to it for the rest of your life? she implied that's why i'm having problems now. she's obviously not a cardiologist. it took 15 minutes for dr C's office to process my request to send my bloodwork paperwork over. it was a medical miracle. so, i tell her i'm freaking out and i still have a five day wait until the next available appointment. specialists! every time i make an appointment with him, my symptoms disappear. he's just that good. no weirdness last night, even though i had felt it starting up initially. maybe i won't die between now and next wednesday!

anyway, the test for down's came back as 1 in 10,000, which is supposed to be fantastic and the 500 other tests, whatever they were for, came back fine.

then i told her oliver had had rashy cheeks for a couple of days. though it's pretty cute, it can be an indication that he's been exposed to fifth disease. which means i could've been exposed to fifth disease. which means there's a slight risk the baby could bloat up and have horrible problems. which meant i had to have a blood draw before i could leave. which meant i considered saying he probably didn't have fifth disease because, after all, he's been chewing on his fingers and slobbering lately (probably from 2 year molars) and could be getting rashy from the spit because there's not a rash on his trunk or limbs.

but, i sucked it up. because we needed to know. and the nurse came back and, for the first time in my life, she didn't get a hit. so, she brought in the asian nurse who had previously been unable to find the heartbeat; but, it turned out, she's supposed to be really good at finding veins. and i was full of compulsive laughter, which is better than the usual compulsive tears. and the asian nurse said in her asian accent "if we can't get it out of your left arm, we'll have to get it out of your neck." and it was then that i almost got up off the table and ran out the door, until i heard Nurse A say not to tell me that, so i assumed she was kidding.

if it comes back showing i don't already have immunity, i get to do it again in 6 weeks to see if i've been exposed!

i escaped out of there and collapsed with the shakes in the chair up front to make my next appointment ... for the big sonogram. which to me translates "the big sonogram where i try to not pee my pants in the waiting room while they run 30 minutes late."

i made the mistake of rewarding myself with a decaf latte, having forgotten the decaf i had consumed in the morning. i hear decaf still has a little caf. i also accidentally rewarded myself with a mint brownie. as a result of almost an hour-long wait to see the doctor, i had to miss a conference call with my boss and was left with about 15 minutes to log into work before leaving to get oliver. i'm surprised i didn't have a heart attack yesterday. or any day.

we canceled on the gym for the second time this week. partly because brian had to work. partly because i don't want to die on the elliptical fitness machine in yoga pants.
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