changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a never-ending, glistening river of snot. i anxiously await my turn.

it took oliver two seconds of being back at school after the break to catch another cold. i was astounded one day last week when i realized he didn't have a runny nose for the first time i could remember in months.

then, he started coughing again. then, his nose started running again.

he had a horrible time sleeping last night. before bed, we tried giving him this homeopathic business brian picked up last month called Chestal. as in "chestal region." it didn't do crappity shit. even if it had, you are supposed to administer a dose every two hours. ah... the makings of a night of deep slumber.

he was an hour late just getting to bed (9pm) and was up an hour later screaming and crying. we gave him tylenol and i let him hang out with me on the couch for awhile. wait. there must have been two episodes, because i think that was at 1am. i can't be expected to remember at this point.

brian was also having to test super late, so they both slept in. i slept in as well because the alarm was set for the wrong time.

it's 28 degrees out there. and dreary. a dead squirrel was blown down from the roof yesterday with all those leaves. the cat man told me so.
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