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changing lives since 2003

dad's birthday.

my dad decided he would be incommunicado deep in the heart of mexico for two weeks during the course of his birthday. so, we went to tyler the weekend before he left, october 4th.

we had grand plans to go to the tyler zoo for the first time in two years, but it was obvious dad wasn't feeling it and we had just gone to the dallas zoo, so we postponed it for another time. we went to one of dad's favorite haunts instead: the rose garden. it's good to get oliver out and let him see what grass looks like. he wanted to pick the flowers in the discovery garden and i wanted to get away from the massive amounts of bees in the discovery garden. they had these rather odd scarecrows set up. one was wearing a vintage gown which i was tempted to steal since they obviously don't know how to treat a vintage gown. another was a frighteningly large, raggedy-ann type number.


the discovery garden.

trying to swim in a very green fountain.


we hung around the house and had a drink before heading out to my sister's for dinner. we went by drug emporium first for sunshine burgers and twenty other things we hadn't intended to purchase. oliver had a big time in the animal room where four stray kittens were rooming in and where they apparently have two guinea pigs. their dachshund tried very hard to give him tongue kisses and, unfortunately, oliver found it hilarious. i silently threw up.

oliver was still in his diarrhea phase and managed to poop twice during dinner. charming.

once he got settled in, he went totally nuts running around the house and rolling back and forth on dylan's floor while brian and dylan played guitar. he was on the verge of exploding both behaviorally and into his diaper, so we waited for dylan to finish breaking up with his girlfriend across the street on her front lawn and then we headed home.


i don't think i've ever seen my grandmother with a barrette in her hair.

i made them smile for the one i took using her camera.

the following morning, oliver discovered my father's stash of baseball caps in the closet. if i couldn't find oliver, i checked the closet and there they'd be. trying on hats.




he also played with tupperware.

we had to get going a little early so that we could meet brian's mom and stepdad back at our place for a couple of hours as they were driving back from OKC to killeen. on our way, we were almost killed by this truck, which was behaving in an unchristian manner.

you can't see it, but there was also a jesus fish on there somewhere. note how close they are to the car in front of them despite going 75 mph on the highway. JESUS DOES NOT APPROVE!
jesus truck
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