changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

maybe he'll return in the same clothes i sent him out in this morning.

had he stayed home today, it would've been a full week oliver was away from school. two of those days would've been missed, regardless of loose stool status, for fall break. he really needed those days to rest up from his rigorous studies.

we could tell he was already jonesing pretty badly by the time the little gym rolled around last saturday. it was like a fuse had been lit. he partied down. yesterday, he was so excited when i informed him we were going to the PARK - SLIDE - SWING, he immediately began putting awaythe hats he was playing with, zipped up his wallet, and placed it in his plastic purse. i knew he knows how to pick up and he's not showing signs of autism when he stares into space, sings, and walks off when i suggest he pick up his toys without the reward of swings.

his bowels toyed with us occasionally over the last several days by producing semi-solid masses, but they were inevitably followed by a foul soup of over-watered pudding. this is not the same kind of pudding that composes an obama smile. oh, no.

brain began googling yesterday and learned about Toddler Diarrhea and feared this plague might not lift until oliver turns four. i reminded him that he's been sick and it hasn't even been 14 days yet. still, in order to assuage him and possibly fend off another mudslide-induced "sick" day, i began filling oliver's toothed coffers with bananas, bread, soy yogurt, and fats.

we talked ourselves into believing this morning's entry in the fecal journal was semi-solid and we put him in a prefold and informed him of SCHOOL. "JAYMIE... JAYMIE... SHOSHANNA," he responded.

brian called me a half hour later and said oliver was running for the school door. he tripped and brian mistook his whimpering for injury, but quickly found it was in response to be slowed down during his sprint to school.
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