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zoo, parents, hair.

to celebrate the recent decrease in temperatures, we ventured outdoors last saturday on our first trip to the dallas zoo. i had grand plans to take the dart rail down there, but naptime ran too late. as it was, we only had about two hours to explore.

as luck would have it, this was also the opening weekend of the state fair, so the grounds were gloriously empty. i got the feeling we spent more time looking for animals than seeing animals, but it was a nice visit nonetheless. brian took oliver to the stingray bay tank to pet the rays. this meant that brian pet the rays and oliver made all manner of mess with splashing. he was soggy for the rest of the visit.

oliver was wearing his giraffe shirt in the hopes we could get a photo of him with a giraffe. but we had difficulty finding the area containing the big dogs of zooland: giraffes, lions, elephants. we did find the rhinos. all the smaller, hidden animals are still lost on his two year old eyes. again i say, there's a reason most places don't charge for kids 2 and under.

we kept seeing the awesome monorail train and finally jumped on it. i can't imagine being on that thing in the full summer sun.








i would like to swim in this river/pool/waterfall. there was a huge colony of wild ducks living there for the free digs and food.

just missed getting a shot of downtown in the background.

we were feeling brave and starved and went to cosmic cafe for dinner on the patio. oliver does so much better outdoors and it's nice to finally have that option without sweating to death and burning to a crisp. we even ordered him his own dinner: mandala pizza. we had to trick him into eating the mountain of vegetables. then, lemon cake. oliver scavenged the strawberry slices post-haste. he is a total whore for the strawberries. he shoved three helpings into his mouth at school this week.

sunday, my parents committed a cardinal no-no. i was up early with oliver and couldn't get back to sleep for three hours after he went back to bed. i ended up sleeping form 8:20 until an uncharacteristic 10. shortly thereafter, my father called to see if they could come up that afternoon for a visit and dinner. oh lordy. we spent the next five hours cleaning what we could before their arrival. oliver was delighted to have visitors and immediately put my mother on the end of one of his shoestrings (a makeshift rope like they use to lead the toddlers at school) and hauled her off to our bedroom. i loudly informed oliver he needed to put nana back on that shoestring and lead her out of there because we had not cleaned that area. they eventually went to his room to play for ages.

we went to pf chang's for dinner on the patio and ordered three plates of ma po tofu. oliver was a dear and didn't flip out at all. i kept him busy with his inherited deery lou wallet, a cardboard box, and far too many tiny playmobil pieces.




i got my hair chopped last night. finally. after four months. i didn't realize just how short it is until this morning. shi-dang. melody and i went to a mexican restaurant down the street after to have beers.
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