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there's no two ways about it, this post is about poop.

a couple of days after recovering from the stomach virus last week, oliver got the runny nose. by friday, he had the coughing chest. somewhere in there came the mucous poo. i still don't quite understand how to differentiate between standard toddler smoosh poo and toddler diarrhea.

we'd been fortunate that he's been pooping before going to school. that all changed on monday. several weeks ago, brian won the battle to send him there in pockets instead of prefolds. he pooped his diaper and his diaper pooped his shorts and shirt. because the pockets are not fit to function as anything more than prefold covers.

tuesday, i showed up and the sub was there. she said she was about to change his diaper, but he was busy with an activity. i apparently did not understand the entire situation because he came over, i picked him up, i felt something wet on my arm through his shorts, and i put him back down. poop was squished out of the diaper, down his leg, over his sock, and on to his shoe. before it was all over (and i got to clean it all up), there was a pooprint on the floor and poo on the bottom of MY shoe.

yesterday, miss S was back. brian had forgotten to take another pair of emergency pants up there and i arrived to see oliver in his emergency tshirt, pocket diaper, and tennis shoes. it had been another mudslide. particularly because he had not pooped at all before school. and then he ate all of his rather large lunch. pushed it right out. miss S said he technically shouldn't have been at school, since he'd pooped two days in a row, but she hadn't known about the previous day.

around 5:41 this morning, he woke up coughing and pooped shortly after. who knows if it was diarrhea or not? i don't. so, he's just staying with me today. this before his four day weekend for fall break.

i'm trying to stave off television, but it won't last. so far, he's tried to pack himself in a suitcase and is now playing with old, fuzzy play dough.

on tuesday, after the poosplosion, he kept saying "shit. shit. shit." hahahaha. i told the sub i had no idea what he was really saying. it was probably "shit. shit. shit." hahahaha.

ps: on the second day of school, oliver stole a pair of rather sparkly shoes. here he is casing the joint...


that's miss S, azmer, and miss J in the background.
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