changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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Q: what do macaulay culkin, seth green, marilyn manson, and drag queens have in common?

A: the soon to be released movie "party monster".

darren, evelyn, and i watched this preview last night before "the secret lives of dentists" with our mouths agape. the swirling colors, drugged out trannies, and lilting affected accent of macaulay culkin frightened and intrigued us simultaneously.

i'm sad to report that the online presence of movie stills is practically non-existent at this point in time.

here is a synopsis:
The true story of New York nightclub promoter Michael Alig
Premise/Synopsis : In the late 80s Alig's fast lane lifestyle is sent spiralling out of control when he boasts on TV that he killed his drug dealer....[macaulay] plays real-life coke-snorting gay killer Michael Alig.

on a side note, i find seth green to be adorable:

do we all know why i find seth green to be adorable? c'mon lilbunni007...pony up! you know the answer.

i find seth green adorable because he's a wee little man (scroll slowly for maximum effect):

further investigation has revealed he if 5feet 4inches of wee little man.
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