changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's the world's most beautiful day outside.

after a couple of days of waiting for gustav to cry itself out, the skies have cleared to a deep and beautiful blue and the heat has relented. the thermostat and the pottery rabbit with a mercury thermometer for ears are both reading 75 degrees. the air conditioners are at rest.

brian is napping.

earlier, i selected an unused baby blanket with a jungle animal print. brian pulled beany out from under the bed and wrapped her in it. i'm grateful we just happened to have a nice cardboard box that hadn't gone to the recycling pile yet. handing her off at the vet was quick and he returned with coffee. we cried for a minute and then finished cleaning up the bathroom where beany had peed.

i'm hoping he'll let me take him somewhere this afternoon where we can have a drink outside before picking up oliver.

the plants are loving an environment where they don't bake for 12 hours a day. maybe i'll finally see a bloom on that moonvine dad brought. it looks like it's going to pop any minute now.
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