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the party's over.

to round off the minor string of celebratory disasters that were my 36th birthday, we went to tyler the saturday after. of course, my mom was the only one there since the rest of my family had decided they would rather go back to florida.

that afternoon, we took oliver swimming and let him play with the fire hydrant sprinkler and he had a grand time. he must be half labrador.

Picture 004Picture 006

i opened presents and mom threw together the traditional eggplant-mushroom spaghetti dinner. i skipped on having an official birthday cake and pretended my second plate of spaghetti had candles on top. mmmmm spaghetti-cake.

someone was all "i better take lots of pictures since someone called me out on livejournal for not taking pictures
Picture 012

we were going to leave oliver with my mom post-bedtime and go hang at christie's for a couple of drinks, but we were running a little behind and the second i set oliver in the pack and play, he began some serious heartfelt sobbing and kept saying "noooo! noooo! noooo!" i think he's started developing abandonment issues just in the nick of time for school. needless to say, it broke my heart and brian decided to stay home with him. this turned out to be a good idea because i am certain that brian is much better friends with going to sleep than he is with listening to christie and i chatter like a couple of hens for three hours.

so i got to christie's a little before 9. her miniature people were fast asleep and her husband had just returned from a business trip. we retired to their upstairs guest room and got loopy and giggled and i rolled on the floor once or twice. i had a screwdriver for the first time probably since high school. uh... i mean, since i was 21. it was nice to have a little uninterrupted girl talk for once, no offense to darren.

sunday, i had intended on having a play date over at christie's or possibly a swim date at mom's, but that fell by the wayside. brian and i became too lazy to be in the pool (this might sound a little backward, but having a toddler in the pool with you is far from relaxing). oliver was dying to go in the backyard, which meant he was also dying to go in the pool.

Picture 034

Picture 038

covert apple-picking flower-picking newspaper-getting photos.
Picture 021Picture 022

stickers. why waste paper.
Picture 031

The Hand.
Picture 027

oliver, and every other child on the planet, loves this animatronic easter rabbit that sings this maniacal hopping song. it's batteries kept dying and it became that much more awesome. or, made it awesome in the first place.
Picture 025

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