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changing lives since 2003

yesterday, i was 35.

i'm officially tipping bottom up in my slide to forty. 36 today. i remember 26 giving me an unexpected freak out.

i love how busy all the automated services were last night sending out birthday wishes: birthday alarm, ing direct, dfw moms, borders books, and even clairol. my goodness. so many robot friends.

darren and i celebrated childfree style last friday with american teen at the angelika and drinks at cosmos. his gay was displeased because his birthday was friday. however, paul stole darren from me on my birthday last year and all is fair in fags and hags.

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brian and i went to bed rather late that night and were tired for our little gym class the next morning. all three of us passed out during naptime and brian, of all people, was the one to get us up barely in time to go to oliver's first birthday party. the birthday boy was jonas and it was being held at the little gym. jonas has a lot of buddies. oliver had a great time, especially since he has recently embraced everything little gym.

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i had started to type out a list of bullets last week to air out the musty halls in my head. i was feeling anxious and stressed and depressed from a landslide of events little and big from ann's letter to a verbal assault by a construction worker to an approaching birthday to home visits from people stealing my baby to a nasty couple of weeks with work, etc. i was feeling run down and beaten up. then, this weekend, all kinds of fancy, parent-type things popped up. after the little gym, while we were standing in the stamp line, deborah (harper's mom) invited us to a playdate at her house next weekend, but we'll be in tyler. i enthusiastically told her to let us know when she has another so she wouldn't think we were making fake excuses. like how you give out a fake number at a bar and say you can't wait to hear from them. it wasn't a fake number. then, i thought maybe we were being flirted with when a couple at the party said they recognized us from our appearance at purgatory the weekend prior. i had that same feeling you might get when someone says they remember seeing you out a bar when you'd had a couple of drinks and you worry that they might have seen you busting out an embarrassing dance move or singing along to when doves cry or something. nothing came of it. no playdates were promised. but the flirting was still nice. deborah doesn't have to know.

sunday, we were invited to the house of rachel and martin. rachel and brian are work buddies. work buddy amy was there as well as another couple who have a 19 month old daughter. the husband looked totally white, but sounded hispanic. i couldn't figure it out until he mentioned romania. rachel made tiny gift bags for the toddlers with pineapple bubbles and pool toys. it was about five thousand degrees outside and you couldn't spend more than two seconds on the pavement before the skin on your feet would begin to melt. my back nearly set on fire while i bent over to hang on to oliver for a minute and a half while brian lathered up in sunscreen. you'd look out the window and see the pool and the trees and the flowers and the grass and think how inviting it all looked. and then you stepped out the door and it was an oven. we paddled around in the water with our drinks for about an hour and then collapsed at the dining room table with burgers and cookies and 12-piece puzzles.

we were almost maimed by crotch rocket that was being ridden down our breezeway to the parking lot while we were walking perpendicularly down the sidewalk. had we been three seconds earlier... splat. following the couple riding the rocket were another two or three insane youngsters, one of which i readily identified as the guy with the large, black dog whom he lets out unleashed to terrorize everyone in the courtyard (toddlers-at-play included) so that he can complete his poop border running the length of the entire sidewalk. fortunately, this occurred right in front of a member of the HOA board and we tattled about the poop, too. she had already received a no-leash complaint. oh, this was the same dog that was barking its head off out on its balcony during the middle of the night because they didn't notice he had gotten out and it took ages to get someone to answer the door. dang.

after that, i spent my last evening as a 35 year old watching the learning channel's the man whose arms exploded and a new face for marlie. oliver was so exhausted (not to mention put down about an hour late) that he would wake crying every 5-30 minutes until after 1am. i slept on the couch because i couldn't bear the thought of him waking again because oskar would meow when i got in bed or because i might rustle too much trying to turn over while bordered by two cats and a brian.

106 degrees slated for today. i called darren's car a liar friday night when it said it was 98 degrees outside. it was not lying.
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