changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

not quite tic tacs.

i remembered something today. for decades, i have been blaming tic tacs for scarring me with a color combination of purple, orange, and red. if i see a grouping of purple, orange, and red pansies, i blame my dislike for them on the tic tacs. i mean, i'm pretty sure i liked to eat them, but i remember staring at the color combination and it must've done something to my sensibilities.

i always have this flash of a memory of standing in the bathroom on sarasota while my mom clipped my nails into the sink (i hated the way they felt after). i must've had a pack of those babies in there with me or something, because they're always popping right up in the middle of that memory.

i just googled them and was having difficulty finding that combination when i saw the only two photos existing on the internet of dynamints. i had forgotten they ever existed. they're tic tacs on the horizontal!

the commercials were delightfully horrible (i don't remember them) and this one shows the trio right in the middle.

i could go for some of these:

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