changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

jonestown: what the fuck?

i rented jonestown: the life and death of the people's temple sunday afternoon and fell asleep less than halfway into it. we picked up where we left off last night and i learned just how much i didn't know about jonestown. i guess all i knew was a group of crazies went into the jungle and willingly drank punch or were tricked into drinking punch and they were obviously crazies.

i didn't even realize it was a religion-religion. and that they were huge and influential and had multiple locations and were integrated and were led by a psychotic man who could be identified easily in the crowd because he wore psychotic-man shades at all times. like he was blind or something, but could see his way by the light of god. and i spun with illogical dizziness trying to figure out how these people got roped in and wouldn't leave even after he told them there was no god and no heaven and he was their god and "i know it's one of your first visits here, but if you would like me to do you in the ass, it's not a problem." i mean, come on, you weren't even remotely brain-washed yet, mister. hit the pavement before things get any uglier.

and then, the night before, many were showing signs of wanting to get out and they were begging anonymously for help and they were obviously coming to their senses, so why drink the kill-aid? why? spill it in the dirt and pretend. don't let your eight relatives drink it and plunge you into despair. slap their hands. tip the tub over.

and that whole thing with the congressman and the airplane? what? no one told me. i was only five, but there have been 30 years where someone could have told me since.

and we tried to watch the special features, but i had to yell at brian to turn it off immediately because i couldn't hear the story again about the man turning to see his wife holding their infant son while poison was injected into his mouth to the background of a recording of babies and children screaming while they died from being poisoned. how is it that there's a recording of that?

their little faces pressed down into the dirt. their little shoes not moving. your baby is being killed and you still can't snap out of it? what is wrong with you people?

909 dead. countless children included. it was absolutely sickening and not the twisted crazies fun i had envisioned. i almost wish i hadn't rented it. but, i suppose it's better to know. the anonymous letter writer wanted us to know.
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