changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


i went to change oliver's pants and found two days worth of poop in there. i got it all scraped up and went to plunk it in the toilet. i gave it a flush to get things moving along and turned to wash my hands of any errant poopy debris. it was at this point that i recalled the xerox on the foyer door downstairs telling us we would be without water from 9am until as late as 3pm. not pleased.

this happens probably once a month. i have absolutely no idea why. it might be more bearable not having flushing toilets or running water if i had some clue as to why. i can't wash my face or brush my teeth or get ready to leave the house. they always recommend filling your tub with water to use throughout the day. mmmm. tasty. they apparently do not know the things that go on in our tub.

it's like i'm living in a second world country over here. i keep thinking i can't use the electricity as well.
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