changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

Domesti City.

12:19pm. i just finished my m-w-f IT conference call where i regularly contribute close to nothing, unless you count my cellphone minutes.

i have folded laundry, swept cat litter, made my fourth batch of the ever-shifting nutty-seedy spread (almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds), boiled up a batch of seitan that seems to have found too much liquid in the mix and appears to be in tremendous want of falling apart in the broth, made a batch of pine nut "alfreda" sauce with black olives, red bell pepper, and asparagus. i still have designs to make some oatmeal breakfast bars so oliver will have a little more variety and it's also been just long enough to forget how much i didn't enjoy making that no-time bread that i'm willing to do it again. there might also be some spaghetti sauce for tomorrow night's dinner in there somewhere as well. whew.

while i was making the nutty-seedy spread, there was a glorious battle between east and west. the west was represented by a bottle of santa cruz lemon juice and the east by a large bottle of low-sodium tamari. they knocked glassy bottoms in what came close to being a shrapnel-loaded explosion and then the tamari began a slow bleed out. the lemon juice was fine. since the bottle was brand new and i had nothing to replace it with in my recipes and because i hate to waste, i craftily poured the tamari into a latte cup and risked feeding nearly microscopic shards of glass to my family. i figure if it's so small that i can't even see it, then how much harm could it do really? of course now i feel like i have tiny pieces of glass in my throat. great.
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