changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

snow. am i sick?

brian was dismissed from work early yesterday due to the winter weather approaching north texas. we ate our tacos. we drank a beer (famosa! why don't i remember it being so skunky!). then i started feeling all weird. i've been trying to catch a cold, i guess, but all i've had is a little ball of phlegm in my throat. i don't have some overwhelming head and chest number. but i get all muffleheaded dizzy when standing and achy on occasion. it's still here. what is it doing.

when we got out of bed, we found yet another winter wonderland. as a result, brian is not expected into work until 10am. hold on to your socks. it's a sight to behold (click on photos to see greater detail):

these are photos of the courtyard. we were worried the weight of the snow and ice might cause one of the branches of that tree to come crashing through our window.

here is a photo of our well-kept patio garden where we like to entertain with dinner parties during the summer months:

believe it or not, that's my car underneath all that snow!

here is oliver looking concerned about the snow-laden branches:

to get his mind off of it, we spun the plum:

an old friend lives 40 minutes north up in denton (where i lived for almost a decade). here are his photos.
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