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xmas 2007: #2

darren and i had our xmas exchange december 28th. i make a list of my gifts now because i got in trouble for not remembering every gift received during our xmas exchange 2006 and for not even mentioning it on my livejournal, opting instead to post too much about the baby that consumes my life like rebel ants eating a plate full of bacon left on the counter after a saturday morning's breakfast.

me: bliss shampoo, conditioner, and salt scrub. fuzzy, pink-striped socks. chocolate covered gingerbread shapes (2 bags). armchair environmentalist book.

him: grandaddy's sophtware slump cd. bc camplight's cd. a gigantic xmas tree cookie from whole foods. a politically-charged penis coloring book. one package of crayola multicultural crayons.

we left to go see the orphange at the angelika and have drinks at the grapevine. or was it the meridian room? i was in trouble upon arriving home because there had been an apparent miscommunication and brian had not realized that we were going out. he was angry. i bathed in the torrential and icy downpour of his injuries upon my return.

despite this setback, we set about the task at hand which was preparing for xmas #2 set to occur the following morning. we had purchased a divine play kitchen for oliver despite the misgivings received from multiple family members who worried oliver might become a gay sissy if he engaged in play which might lend itself to his learning to prepare food for himself at a later date. real (read: straight) men eat from restaurants and cans and the plates served to them by their captured ladies. or, as in the case of his father who obviously did not grow up with a play kitchen, they will sustain themselves on spaghetti from a jar, omelets, and frozen vegetables.

it took longer than expected to assemble the kitchen, especially since i had to look up the directions on the internet and then found we were missing the silver knobs to install the second door. i proceeded without the second door and, to this day, still await the replacement silver knobs.

the following morning, we led oliver from the bedroom and down the primrose path to his very own luxury wooden appliances. i have since purchased him a splendid set of 17 pieces of choice Haba wooden fruits and vegetables with which he finds particular enjoyment in dumping them out on to the floor. the plums make splendid spinning tops.

my aunt cathy had also sent him a puppet, which was opened as well that morning.

mmm... expired spices!

grumpy daddy.

the kitchen, aka: the sissy-maker.

too short to reach the faucet:

monster puppet parts, aka: the de-sissifier.

daddy likes monster puppets!
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